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Cognitive Approach: Schema Theory
Schema theory,
Bartlett 1932 can be used for,
Bartlett aim
6  cards
Cognitive Approach: Multi-store Memory Model
What is the multi store memory model,
What does multi store memory theo...,
Define sensory memory
14  cards
Cognitive Approach: Working Memory Model
What is the working memory model,
Define dual task technique,
Warrington and shallice 1970 kf c...
6  cards
Cognitive Approach: Thinking & Decision Making
Define thinking,
Define decision making,
What is the dual processing model
12  cards
Cognitive Approach: Reconstructive Memory Theory
Define reconstructive memory,
Loftus and palmer 1974,
Loftus and palmer 1974 aim
6  cards
Cognitive Approach: Emotion & Memory
What is flashbulb memory,
What is the amygdala,
Brown and kulik 1977 can be used for
7  cards
Cognitive Approach: Biases in Thinking & Decision Making - Anchoring Bias
What is anchoring bias,
Hamilton gifford 1976 can be used...,
Tversky kahnemann 1974 can be use...
7  cards
Biological Approach: Localisation & Plasticity
What is localization of function,
What is distributive processing,
Define plasticity
11  cards
Biological Approach: Neurotransmission
What are neurons,
Define neurotransmission,
What is an fmri
13  cards
Biological Approach: Horomones & Pheromones
What are hormones,
What are target cells,
Cahill mcgaugh 1995
9  cards
Biological Approach: Epigenetics & Depression - Twin studies & Caspi
What do epigenetics argue,
What are mz twins,
What are dz twins
14  cards
Biological Approach: Evolutionary Psychology
What is evolutionary psychology g...,
What is natural selection,
Wedekind 1995 can be used for
6  cards
Sociocultural Approach: Social Identity Theory
What does social identity theory ...,
What are the 3 components of sit,
What is social categorization
17  cards
Sociocultural Approach: Social Cognitive (Learning) Theory
What is social cognitive learning...,
What is vicarious reinforcement,
What are the cond
9  cards
Sociocultural Approach: Formation of Stereotypes
What is a stereotype,
What is an illusory correlation,
What is cognitive bias
11  cards
Sociocultural Approach: Effect of Stereotypes
What is stereotype threat,
Steele and aronson 1995 can be us...,
Steele and aronson 1995 aim
13  cards
Sociocultural Approach: Cultural Dimensions
What are cultural dimensions,
What is one cultural dimension,
Berry 1967 can be used for
9  cards
Sociocultural Approach: Culture and Cognition
Kulkofsky et al 2011 can be used for,
Kulkofsky et al 2011 aim,
Kulkofsky et al 2011 procedure
5  cards
Sociocultural Approach: Enculturation
What is enculturation,
Odden rochat 2004 can be used for,
Odden rochat 2004 aim
12  cards
Sociocultural Approach: Acculturation
What is acculturation,
Berry 1974 aim,
What is assimilation
19  cards
Sociocultural Approach: HL Globalization
What is globalization,
What is local culture,
What is global culture
12  cards
Abnormal Psychology: Biological Aetiologies
What is the serotonin hypothesis ...,
What are the strenghts of the sere,
What are the strengths of genetic...
4  cards
Abnormal Psychology: Cognitive Aetiologies
What is,
Nolen hoeksema 2000 procedure,
Nolen hoeksema 2000 findings
12  cards
Abnormal Psychology: Sociocultural Aetiologies
Parker et al aim,
Parker et al procedure,
Parker et al findings conclusion
11  cards
Interpersonal Relationships: Bio Theories of Attraction
What is oxytocin,
What theory do evolutionary psych...,
What is mhc and what does it infl...
9  cards
Interpersonal Relationships: Cog Theories of Attraction
What is the internal working model,
What are the three components of ...,
What is the continuity hypothesis
12  cards
Interpersonal Relationships: Socio Theories of Attraction
What is the mere exposure effect ...,
Zajonc aim,
Zajonc procedure
10  cards
Interpersonal Relationships: Communication
What are relationship enhancing p...,
What are distress maintaining pat...,
What are the four
13  cards
Paper 3: Part 1 - Methods and Sampling
What are the 5 methods of research,
What are the 2 characteristics of...,
Quasi experiments
13  cards
Paper 3: Part 2 - Ethics
What is cardud,
What are the two positions in car...,
What is justice equitable treatment
6  cards
Paper 3: Part 3 - Theoretical Understandings
What are the 3 topics in part 3,
Discussing generalizability with ...,
Discussing generalizability with ...
5  cards

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