icma effective supervisory practices fifth edition

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Chapter 1 - Roles of a supervisor
As a supervisor you are that hold...,
Focuses on establishing direction...,
Involves planning and budgeting o...
17  cards
Chapter 15- Workplace safety, security, and wellness
Elements of an infected workplace...,
Two actions you can do to promote...,
Will help you identify the types ...
11  cards
Chapter 14- Ensuring a harassment free and respectful workplace
Making biased employment decision...,
A legal term describing a form of...,
Actions that insult or indicate h...
15  cards
Chapter 13- Leading change
When implementing change it shoul...,
Most peoples initial reaction to ...,
Six stages that people move throu...
17  cards
Chapter 12 - motivating employees
Maslow s hierarchy of needs,
Frederick hertzberg s theory of m...,
The most frequent source of dissa...
15  cards
Chapter 11 – Evaluating performance
Poorly done performance evaluatio...,
Immediate and ongoing throughout ...,
Affective performance evaluation ...
17  cards
Chapter 10 -accountability in the workplace
Positive reinforcement works best...,
Regular feedback meetings through...,
If you feel a team member could h...
12  cards
Chapter 9 - selecting, on boarding, and developing new employees
And complete and legal compliant ...,
The key to a successful interview...,
The three primary components of a...
5  cards
Chapter 8 - communicating with employees
How much of a supervisors day is ...,
Poor can lead to conflict resista...,
The exchange of information fax i...
16  cards
Chapter 7 - team building
People are more motivated to work...,
A collection of individuals with ...,
A group passes through stages on ...
15  cards
Chapter 6 – working with the budget
An annual is a local government s...,
Is where an organization allocate...,
In most local governments the bud...
16  cards
Chapter 5 - organizing your work and time
Is based on an activities value t...,
Means a task requires immediate a...,
Spending of your time on one has ...
22  cards
Chapter 4 – strategic planning, management, and evaluation
What are the components of a stra...,
Component of strategic plan what ...,
Component of strategic plan what ...
27  cards
Chapter 3 - Ethics
When one government employee beha...,
A standard of conduct for profess...,
Most useful local government are ...
15  cards
Chapter 2 -supervisory leadership
In local government genuine autho...,
It s essential for leaders to com...,
Leadership suggests that there is...
13  cards

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