effective supervisory practices 5th edition

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Chapter 4 Strategic Planning, Management, and Evaluation
Before you became a supervisor yo...,
Carrying out that supervisory rol...,
Many local government organizatio...
66  cards
Chapter 5 Organizing Your Work And Time
When you take on supervisory resp...,
______ developed a fairly simple ...,
______ is based on an activitys v...
43  cards
Chapter 6 Working With The Budget
An ______ is local government sin...,
In most local governments the ___...,
The budget is where organizations...
56  cards
Chapter 7 Team Building
Local government today has embrac...,
_____ is more than people getting...,
In most work situations you start...
45  cards
Chapter 8 Communicating With Employees
To effectively _____ we must real...,
Generally _____ or more of a supe...,
How can communication occur non v...
35  cards
Chapter 9 Selecting, Onboarding, and Developing New Employees
_____ are key retention factors f...,
Selecting the right employee for ...,
When trying to hire the right per...
26  cards
Chapter 10 Accountability In The Workplace
_____ begins with clear goals and...,
Ongoing _____ with your team memb...,
As a busy supervisor how do you f...
42  cards
Chapter 11 Evaluating Performance
_____ are one of the most widely ...,
Often the loudest complaints come...,
As demands on local governments c...
36  cards
Chapter 12 Motivating Employees
_______ stated that a leaders rol...,
The study of ______ is an examina...,
In your role as a supervisor rele...
31  cards
Chapter 13 Leading Change
______ stated there is nothing mo...,
The faster a change takes place t...,
The bigger the change the page 229
24  cards
Chapter 14 Ensuring A Harassment Free and Respectful Workplace
Respect for ourselves guides our ...,
An inclusive harassment free work...,
A harassment free workplace enabl...
23  cards
Chapter 15 Workplace Safety, Security, and Wellness
Approximately _____ injury and il...,
Nearly _____ injury and illness c...,
The _____ was created in 1970 to ...
26  cards
Chapter 16 Quality Customer Service
_____ stated a customer is the mo...,
_____ have higher expectations fo...,
The _____ routinely publish repor...
19  cards
Chapter 1 Roles of a Supervisor
The role of todays supervisor inv...,
Being a supervisor is a tough and...,
Whether you are a veteran supervi...
43  cards
Chapter 2 Supervisory Leadership
_____ is a constant area of resea...,
Many of todays supervisors begin ...,
Organizational theorist _______ s...
53  cards
Chapter 3 Ethics
Ethical behavior matters in publi...,
As a _______ you are responsible ...,
Most local governments have an et...
24  cards

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