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1 Project Assessment, Programming, Planning
What does the icc stand for,
What is the ada,
Ada vs icc a1171
80  cards
MODULE 1 - Project Assessment and Programming
Iaq vs ieq,
4 causes of poor air quality,
3 most common symptoms of iaq
91  cards
MODULE 2 - Project Assessment and Code
What are square footage standards,
Space requirements are determined by,
Is boma considered a standard or ...
80  cards
MODULE 3 - Human Factors, Codes & Standards
In regards to behavioral settings...,
Which of the following design con...,
Important criteria for designing ...
129  cards
MODULE 4 - Professional Development and Practices
What is negligence liability,
What is a breach of contract liab...,
What is strict liability
65  cards
MODULE 5 - Building Systems and Construction
What is a dead load or static load,
What is a gravity load,
What is a live load
176  cards
MODULE 6 - Building Finishes and Materials
The ff e researching requirement ...,
What are some information sources...,
What are the cigarette ignition t...
24  cards
MODULE 7 & 8 - FF&E & Contract Docs
What is the purpose of specificat...,
What are prescriptive vs performa...,
What are the two types of prescri...
71  cards
MODULE 9 - Contract Documents and Coordination
A home run noted on the contract ...,
What types of diffusers are there,
What is a grille what types of gr...
16  cards
MODULE 10 - Project Coordination
Who are stakeholders in a project,
What is a direct stakeholder,
What is an indirect stakeholder
60  cards
What is the occupant load factor ...,
What is the occupant load factor ...,
What is the occupant load factor ...
18  cards

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