igcse: medicine 1848-1948

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Knowledge Test: Treatment and Causes of Illness
What was used to treat pain in th...,
What type of surgeon was best in ...,
In the mid 19th century medicine ...
17  cards
Knowledge test: Surgery
Who amputated 200 limbs in 24 hours,
Name an operation that could be c...,
What did sir humphry davy discove...
18  cards
Knowledge Test: Women
When was the medical registration...,
Which american doctor was elizabe...,
Which hospital did garrett start ...
11  cards
Knowledge Test: Public Health
What is the term for governments ...,
Cholera hit which town in 1831,
In 1854 who proved that there was...
22  cards
Knowledge Test: WWI and WWII
What did the death rate for broke...,
Who developed mobile x ray machines,
Who added sodium citrate to blood...
9  cards
Treatment: Phase 1 Lack of Understanding
What were the ideas of hippocrate...,
What advancements had been made b...,
What is miasma theory
6  cards
Treatment: Phase 2 Discovery and Development 1860-1875
Who was louis pasteur,
How did pasteur prove that bacter...,
In 1860 what challenge did the fr...
11  cards
Treatment: Phase 3 Accelerating Change 1875-1890
Who was koch,
Why was there a rivalry between k...,
How did koch discover anthrax in ...
17  cards
Treatment: Phase 4 Chemical Cures 1890-1918
Who was paul erhlich,
Who was emil behring,
What did the first magic bullet cure
9  cards
Treatment: Phase 5 Advances in Treating Disease 1920-1948
Who was gerhard domagk,
What year did he test prontosil,
What were his experiments in usin...
23  cards
Public Health: Phase 1 the situation in 1850
How did working conditions contri...,
How did diet contribute to poor p...,
How did urbanisation contribute t...
6  cards
Public Health: Phase 2 Dealing with Cholera 1848-1860
What was the problem of cholera b...,
When and where did cholera arrive,
What did mps discuss during the 1...
14  cards
Public Health: Phase 3 The beginning of public health 1860-1900
What was the great stink,
How did bazalgette solve the prob...,
What other reasons were attitudes...
7  cards
Public Health: Phase 4 Government action and war
Why did the liberals introduce pu...,
What were the successes and limit...,
What were the successes and limit...
11  cards
Public Health: Phase 5 Advances in Public Health 1920-1948
What problems in public health re...,
When was the beveridge report,
Who was the beveridge report writ...
12  cards
Surgery: Phase 1 What was surgery like in 1850?
How did doctors train in the mid ...,
Why was surgery so dangerous in t...,
What had sir humphry davy discove...
7  cards
Surgery: Phase 2 Changes in anaesthetics to alleviate pain 1848-1960
Who first experimented with ether...,
Who first used ether in britain i...,
What was astonishing about ether
10  cards
Surgery: Phase 3 The use of antiseptics 1860-1875
What was the black period of surgery,
How did ignaz semmelweiss promote...,
Was semmelweiss listened to
6  cards
Surgery: Phase 4 Accelerating change in surgery 1975-1905
What helped listers antiseptic id...,
What is aseptic surgery,
How did aseptic surgery develop
9  cards
Surgery: Phase 5 Government action and war 1905-1920
What problems were there during t...,
How did wwi improve blood loss,
How were x rays improved in wwi
11  cards
Surgery: Phase 6 Advances in surgery 1920-1948
How did blood transfusions develo...,
How did plastic surgery develop d...,
What was the guinea pig club
4  cards
Women: Phase 1 What was the situation in 1850?
Over the 600 years before 1850 ho...,
What did the government introduce...,
What could women do in medicine
3  cards
Women: Phase 2 Florence Nightingale and changes to nursing in military hospitals 1850-1860
Who was mary seacole,
Who was florence nightingale,
Explain florence nightingales wor...
4  cards
Women: Phase 3 Improvements to hospitals and nursing in Britain 1860-1875
What improvements did florence ni...,
What did florence nightingale do ...,
What other factors helped to impr...
4  cards
Women: Phase 4 Elizabeth Garrett and the progress of women in medicine
Who inspired elizabeth garrett,
Who was elizabeth garrett,
How did elizabeth garrett become ...
11  cards
Women: Phase 5 The impact of WWI
What does ramc stand for,
What did the ramc do during wwi,
What did qaimns stand for
12  cards
Phase 6: Women and WWII
What did the qaimns do during wwii,
What did fany do during wwii,
What did volunteers do during wwii
6  cards
War: WWI
How were splints developed during...,
How were x rays developed during wwi,
How were blood transfusions devel...
5  cards
How were blood transfusions devel...,
How was tetanus solved during wwii,
How was plastic surgery developed...
6  cards

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