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Unit 1 - Introduction to the Real Estate Business
Warehouses factories and power pl...,
Population demographics and wage ...,
The two characteristics of real e...
20  cards
Unit 2 - Real Property and the Law
Define land,
Define real estate,
Define real property
24  cards
Unit 3 - Concepts of Home Ownership
Define apartment complexes,
Define condominium,
Define cooperative
17  cards
Unit 4 - Real Estate Agency
Define statutory law,
Define common law,
Define general agency
41  cards
Unit 5 - Real Estate Brokerage
Define sponsoring broker,
Define managing broker,
Define a written employment agree...
17  cards
Unit 6 - Brokerage Agreements
Define statues of frauds,
Define exclusive rights to sell l...,
Define exclusive agency
25  cards
Unit 7 - Interests in Real Estate
What are the governmental powers,
Define estate in land,
Define freehold estate
30  cards
Unit 8 - Forms of Real Estate Ownership
A fee simple estate may be held in,
Define ownership in severalty,
Define co ownership
17  cards
Unit 9 - Legal Descriptions
Define a legal description,
What are the three methods of des...,
Define metes bounds
24  cards
Unit 10 - Real Estate Taxes and Other Liens
Define a lien,
What are the types of lien,
Define a voluntary lien
22  cards
Unit 11 - Real Estate Contracts
Define a contract,
A contract must be what,
Define an expressed contract
25  cards
Unit 12 - Transfer of Title
Define title,
Define deed,
How can real estate be transferred
35  cards
Unit 13 - Title Records
Define recording,
Define constructive notice,
Define actual notice
16  cards
Unit 14 - Illinois Real Estate License Law
Who regulates the real estate ind...,
Define idfpr,
What are the 4 major funds admini...
19  cards
Unit 15 - Real Estate Financing Principles
Define mortgage,
Define title theory,
Define lien theory
29  cards
Unit 16 - Real Estate Financing: Practice
The real estate financing market ...,
The federal reserve,
The fed requires
44  cards
Unit 17 - Leases
Define a lease,
After the lease expires the landl...,
Define a leasehold estate
32  cards
Unit 18 - Property Management
0  cards
Unit 19 - Real Estate Appraisal
Define an appraisal,
What law are appraisals required ...,
Illinois recognizes what 3 catego...
49  cards
Unit 20 - Land Use Controls and Property Development
Its necessary for a certain amoun...,
Local governments municipalities ...,
Define a comprehensive plan
23  cards
Unit 21 - Fair Housing and Ethical Practices
0  cards
Unit 22 - Environmental Issues and the Real Estate Transaction
0  cards
Unit 23 - Closing the Real Estate Transaction
0  cards
Unit 24 - Real Estate Mathematics
0  cards

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