industrial mechanic (millwright)

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Lubrication - Part A (160201fA)
What is friction,
Name three kinds of friction,
What type of friction exist withi...
53  cards
Lubrication - Part B (160201fB)
1 why is it important not to allo...,
What are two 2 disadvantages of a...,
Can a wick feed lubricator be mou...
48  cards
Rim and face shaft alignment (160105b)
The most common type of misalignm...,
Misalignment can cause,
Misalignment reduces the load on ...
19  cards
Lubrication Questions
In a bearing the rolling surfaces...,
2 what is the maximum speed of a ...,
3 name one advantage and disadvan...
50  cards
Installation and removal of fasteners (160103h)
What are designed to chase damage...,
You should turn shaft in a lathe ...,
Describe five ways of removing a ...
16  cards
Threaded fasteners and locking devices (160103f)
The difference between a screw an...,
Why are thread forming screws used,
The major diameter of a thread is...
13  cards
Non-threaded fasteners and locking devices (160103g)
A rivet is,
What is a taper per foot of a tap...,
What is the taper per foot of a t...
24  cards
Sample Millwright Test 1
The underwriters laboratories of ...,
The vernier height gauge is the m...,
A dressing is used to compensate ...
51  cards
Hand tools (160103aA/aB)
1 what is the difference between ...,
Cutting keyways and splines in a ...,
What hand reamer is best used in ...
61  cards
Metallurgy (160102d)
Define a metal a metal is an elem...,
What are 6 characteristics of met...,
What are ferrous metals give a fe...
64  cards
Threaded & Locking Devices
Other than safety shoes and glass...,
Where would you find the grade of...,
What is a good reason to maintain...
36  cards

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industrial mechanic (millwright)

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