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Chapter 15 - Pumps
What are the applications for pumps,
What are the two basic classifica...,
How does a dynamic pump move fluid
112  cards
Chapter 14 - Seals
Describe static seals,
Describe dynamic seals,
Describe positive seals
74  cards
Chapter 17 - Pneumatic Systems
What are the general difference b...,
What laws and theories can be app...,
Describe absolute zero temperature
78  cards
Chapter 18 - Prime Movers
Define prime mover,
From where do internal combustion...,
What sets diesel engines apart fr...
118  cards
Chapter 19 - Material Handling Systems
Why are there so many different t...,
How is the type of belt determined,
What are the purposes for the fol...
159  cards
Chapter 20 - Preventative Maintenance
Historically what forms have indu...,
What styles of maintenance progra...,
What are the disadvantages of bre...
66  cards
Chapter 21 - Ventilation And Pollution Control
What is an environmental pollutant,
What are the four general approac...,
What is the preferred approach to...
34  cards
Chapter 22 - Installation And Levelling
Why is proper installation levell...,
How are machines maintained in al...,
Define the following primary equi...
85  cards
Chapter 23 - Alignment
Why are machines accurately align...,
How is the primary unit positioned,
What are the other machine units ...
78  cards
Chapter 12 - Gear Drives
What jobs do gears perform,
Describe pitch line of gears or c...,
Define addendum add
75  cards
Chapter 4 - Shop Practices
How is accuracy and reliability m...,
For best accuracy how should the ...,
What is the accuracy limitation o...
75  cards
Chapter 13 - Couplings And Clutches
What are he purposes of couplings,
List the various types of coupling,
What are the purposes of clutches...
64  cards
Chapter 5 - Fastener And Threads
What are the most common fastener...,
List the purposes of threads,
Define the following external thr...
93  cards
Chapter 6 - Lubrication
What is the purpose of lubrication,
Name and describe the types of fr...,
How is oil attracted to a surface...
56  cards
Chapter 7 - Rigging And Lifting
Name one important advantage of w...,
How is the following achieved in ...,
How is the following achieved in ...
95  cards
Chapter 8 - Shafts And Attachments
Why is the fit of shafts and thei...,
What at the purposes of keys,
What dictates the choice of a key
84  cards
Chapter 9 - Bearings
Briefly describe friction bearing...,
What are the principle parts of a...,
What are friction bearing housing...
102  cards
Chapter 10 - Belt Drives
What are the merits of belt drives,
How is power transmitted from pul...,
How is area of contact determined...
64  cards
Chapter 11 - Chain Drives
How do chain drives compare to be...,
Briefly describe the following ro...,
Briefly describe the following pi...
43  cards
Chapter 16 - Hydraulic Systems
Define hydraulic,
How is a specific amount of force...,
Define the following term in rela...
159  cards
Chapter 1 - Safety
Why should a millwright concern h...,
What is the purpose of wcb and ho...,
Describe the responsibilities of ...
40  cards
Chapter 2 - Trade Science
Why does a millwright need to und...,
Define atoms and molecules,
Define compound and mixtures
116  cards
Chapter 3 - Technical Drawings
How does the ability to read and ...,
List the types of technical drawi...,
In an orthographic drawing what d...
74  cards
RSOS Procedures
0  cards

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