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Introduction and Approach to studying ID
What are three ways vaccinations ...,
Chemotherapeutic agents are used for,
Antibiotics are used for
35  cards
Infectious Disease Transmission/Host Defenses & Pathophysiology
Describe prions structure and fun...,
What is a virus what is the struc...,
What must viruses have to live
77  cards
Introduction to Antimicrobial Therapy
Characteristics we want our antib...,
How do you determine if antimicro...,
Once a specific microorganism is ...
33  cards
Intro to Antimicrobial Therapy Part 2
Three primary schemes are used fo...,
What are the classifications of s...,
What are the types of antibacteri...
23  cards
Beta Lactam Antibiotics
What does the main structure of t...,
Struture of penicillins 3,
Moa of penicillin 3
84  cards
Name the aminoglycosides 5,
Mechanism of action for aminoglyc...,
The binding of aminoglycosides to...
40  cards
The basic process of viral infect...,
To be effective antiviral agents ...,
Name the kind of drugs most antiv...
71  cards
Protein Synthesis Inhibitors
Streptococcus pneumoniae the most...,
Why is methicillin resistant stap...,
An organism such as mycoplasma pn...
53  cards
Miscellaneous Antibiotics
Name the types of fluoroquinolone...,
Are fq bacterocidal or bacteriost...,
Describe the distribution of fqs ...
48  cards
Which antifungals alter cell memb...,
Which antifungals block nucleic s...,
Which antifungals disrupt microtu...
62  cards
Gram Positive Bugs
Staph is grouped how,
Catylase associated with what kin...,
Strep grouped how
113  cards
Gram Negative Bacteria of Medical Significance
Whats the difference in the cell ...,
All have a lipopolysaccharide out...,
Medically relevant gram negative ...
110  cards
Spore forming rod gram anaerobe,
Non spore forming rod gram neg th...,
The clostridia are opportunistic ...
42  cards
Bacterial Disease Testing
Cultures are performed for a vari...,
As a general rule infection consi...,
Whats a more common causitive age...
73  cards
Genitourinary Tract Infections
Genitourinary tract infections ty...,
Cystitis refers to inflammation o...,
What is the most common gu infect...
63  cards
Community Acquired Pneumonia
The pathogenesis of pneumonia,
How to classify community acquire...,
Classification is further based o...
50  cards
Nosocomial Pneumonia
Nosocomial pneumonia 3 types,
Hap definition vap definition,
Hcap definition
29  cards
Sexually Transmitted Infections
Risk factors for stis11,
Etiology of genital ulcer 4,
Noninfectious etiology of gential...
76  cards
Mycobacterial Infections
Acute cough exists for less than ...,
How is tb charcterized pathologic...,
What kind of pts account for 30 5...
79  cards
HIV Disease: Diagnosis and Management
Hiv modes of transmission similar...,
What are the bodily fluids that h...,
What are the ways that hiv can be...
63  cards
Opportunistic Infections with AIDS
Most opportunistic infections and...,
Whats the most common opportunisi...,
What diagnostic testing would we ...
32  cards
HIV Primary Care: Part 1
What tests would you order for a ...,
What will test positive first the...,
Symptomatic disease often precede...
46  cards
Common Viral Diseases
What part of viruses are the comp...,
What are small circular rna molec...,
A virus particle also known as a ...
116  cards
Diagnosis and Treatment of cutaneous fungal infections
What is a common superficial skin...,
What is tinea versicolor,
Where is malassezia normally foun...
32  cards
Systemic Fungal Infections
Systemic candidiasis may be diffi...,
Isolated candida from blood cultu...,
Hepatosplenic candidiasisis secon...
42  cards
Parasitic diseases
What are parasites three kinds,
How are protozoa transmitted 3how...,
What are the worm like parasites ...
106  cards
Rickettsial Diseases
Rickettsiasize gram movement shap...,
Rickettsia transmitted how where ...
47  cards
Travel Medicine
Key factors in determining the he...,
Pre trip recommendations14,
Risk assessment looking at itiner...
51  cards
What are the two virus theries ev...,
What are ribozymes,
Natural funcitons of ribsozymes 3
35  cards

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