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1.1.1 Module Intro
What is germ theory,
What are kocks postulates,
What are the different types of i...
9  cards
1.1.2 Big Case URI
What are the characteristics of p...,
What is the pathogenesis of parai...
2  cards
1.1.3 Respiratory Viruses
What are the general characterist...,
Describe the process of orthomyxo...,
Describe the process of orthomyxo...
49  cards
1.1.4 Antiviral Chemotherapy
What is the viral life cycle,
Class of drug of rimantadine,
What is the moa of rimantidine ad...
48  cards
1.2.1 HIV and HTLV
What is the difference between a ...,
What are the general characterist...,
What are the characteristics of h...
39  cards
1.2.2 Antiretroviral Chemotherapy
What are the characteristics of,
What are the characteristics of,
What are the characteristics of
15  cards
1.3.1 Hepatitis Viruses I
Fill in this chart but focus on r...,
What are the general characterist...,
Describe the replication
17  cards
1.3.2 Hepatitis Viruses II
What do you know about this image,
What are the virions and particle...,
Describe the nucleic material of hbv
21  cards
1.4.1 Gastrointestinal Viruses
What are the general requirement ...,
What are the names of the differe...,
What are the general characterist...
39  cards
1.4.2 Immune Responses to Viruses I
What are the 3 general,
Describe the role of interferons ...,
26  cards
1.5.1 Herpesviruses
Describe the structure and genome...,
Describe the relationship of herp...,
Describe the various cell recepto...
63  cards
1.5.2 Immune Responses to Viruses II
0  cards
2.1.1 Parvo and Papova Viruses
Describe the general pro,
What are the different polyomavir...,
Describe the structure and genomi...
30  cards
2.1.2 Adeno and Pox Viruses
What is the smallest known virus,
What allows parvoviruses hybridiz...,
30  cards
2.2.1 Arboviruses, Bunyaviruses and Arenaviruses
Desribe some of the different typ...,
Describe the basic structure of t...,
Describe the epidemiology of the ...
36  cards
2.2.2 Filoviruses and Rhabdoviruses
0  cards
2.3.1 Bacterial Structure
How are bacteria classified pheno...,
What are the different morphologi...,
Describe the genetic classificati...
24  cards
2.3.2 Bacterial Growth and Physiology
Describe the different phases of ...,
What is generation time,
Describe a biofilm and why infect...
23  cards
2.3.3 Antibacterial Chemotherapy I
Describe the structure and functi...,
Describe the multiple sites of in...,
Explain the mechanisms of resista...
38  cards
2.4.1 Antibacterial Chemotherapy II
What are the good characteristics...,
So why isnt chloramphenicol used ...,
What are the uses for chloramphen...
18  cards
2.4.2 Gene Organization and Expression
What are the characteristics of b...,
Why are bacterial genome structur...,
What is horizontal gene transfer
18  cards
2.4.3 Mutation and Transformation
Describe the characteristics of s...,
What are the characteristics of,
Describe the characteristics of spo
23  cards
3.1.1 Gene Transfer Mechanisms
What is transduction,
Describe the characteritics of ge...,
Draw a diagram of bacteriophage t...
18  cards
3.1.2 Bacterial Pathogens
Explain the significance of koch ...,
What are some of the various type...,
What is a virulence factor
32  cards
3.1.3 Staphylococci
List general characteristics of b...,
Staphylococcus is catalase ____ a...,
What are some of the dzs caused b...
27  cards
3.2.1 Streptococci and Enterococci
Categorize the different types of...,
How is s pyogenes transferred,
What are the characteristics of a...
27  cards
3.2.2 Bacillus, Listeria and Corynebacterium
What allows bacillus organisms to...,
Whats wrong with bob,
What are the symptoms associated ...
42  cards
3.4.1 Mycobacteria and Nocardia
Give the characteristics of a lat...,
Describe the difference between h...,
What is a tb scrofula
18  cards
3.4.2 Neisseria & Other GNCs
What is the flow chart for gram n...,
What is true about n gonorrhoeae,
Which pts infected with n gon wil...
16  cards
4.1.1 Enteric Bacteria
Macconkey contains bile salts for...,
What are the characteristics of e...,
What are the ehec virulence factors
30  cards
4.2.1 Vibrio, Campylobacter and Helicobacter
Vibrio is said to be halophilic w...,
What are the characteristics of t...,
Describe the laboratory diagnosis...
14  cards
4.2.2 Pseudomonas
Describe the capsule of pseudomonas,
Describe the different roles of t...,
Describe the role of pseudomonas ...
12  cards
4.2.3 Haemophilus and Bordetella
What are the,
Describe the vaccines associated ...,
Describe the characteristics of
7  cards
4.3.1 Legionella, Francisella, and Brucella
What are the common locations to ...,
Describe legionella as a facultat...,
Treatment of legionella requires ...
6  cards
4.3.2 Anaerobes
What are the general characterist...,
What are the most common location...,
What are the characteristics of b...
10  cards
5.1.2 ID EBM Roundtable
Describe the difference,
How can a laboratory diagnosis ca...,
Draw out the lymes disease diagno...
3  cards
5.1.1 Spirochetes
Describe the spirochetal envelope...,
Describe the virulence factors as...,
Describe the current epidemiology...
14  cards
5.2.1 Rickettsia and Co.
Describe the diagnostic triad for...,
Describe the virulence factors as...,
When would you begin to initiate ...
15  cards
5.2.2 Mycoplasma and Chlamydia
What are momp,
Immune response to,
What are the characteristics of
6  cards
5.5.3 Antifungal and Antiparasitic Chemotherapy
Describe the characteristics of a...,
Describe the characteristics of f...,
Describe the characteristics of k...
20  cards

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