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Symptoms presentation of dyspepsia,
Causes of dyspepsia
356  cards
Gastroenterology 2
Differential diagnoses of acute a...,
What are the main risk factors fo...,
True or false cholangiocarcinoma ...
220  cards
Incidence of lung cancer,
What is the biggest cause of lung...,
What type of cancer is more commo...
148  cards
Respiratory 2
What are the main risk factors of...,
What is the diseases within copd
118  cards
What is atherosclerosis,
Which arteries does atheroscleros...,
What affects does atherosclerosis...
203  cards
Cardiology 2
What is anemia,
Properties to hb
170  cards
What is eczema,
Is eczema contagious
175  cards
What is,
Primary amenorrhoea can be due to,
Secondary amenorrhoea is due to
147  cards
Gynaecology 2
What is the mc sto in the uk and ...,
Rf for chlamydia,
Explain the national chlamydia sc...
95  cards
What is pre eclampsia,
Pre eclampsia features a triad of,
Pre eclampsia is a significant ca...
143  cards
Obstetrics 2
Can sodium valproate be used in p...,
___________ are important in main...,
Are nsaids used in preganancy
157  cards
Breast Surgery
Most of the breast is _______ tis...,
Explain the triple assessment of ...,
Clinical features that may sugges...
139  cards
Orthopaedics Surgery
What is baker s cysts,
The popliteal fossa is the diamon...,
Baker s cysts are usually seconda...
178  cards
Urology Surgery
What is obstructive uropathy,
The key structures of the urinary...,
It is worth being familiar with t...
218  cards
What is oa,
Patho of oa,
Classification of oa
215  cards
Vascular Surgery
What is pad,
What is the main symptom seen wit...
126  cards
Paediatrics- Cardio, Resp
What is,
Bronchiolitis is very common in w...,
Bronchiolitis is very common in w...
183  cards
Paediatrics- Neuro, Development
What is cerebral palsy,
Causes of cerebral palsy can be s...,
Type of cerebral palsy
160  cards
Paediatrics- Gastro
Medical causes of abdominal pain,
There are addition causes in adol...,
Surgical causes of abdominal pain
115  cards
Paediatrics- Genetics + Endo
Presentation of type 1 dm,
Type 1 dmwhen a new diagnosis is ...,
Long term management of type 1 dm...
77  cards
Infectious diseases
Inactivated vaccines what is it,
Inactivated vaccines involve givi...,
Subunit and conjugate vaccines on...
82  cards
The anterior pituitary gland rele...,
The posterior pituitary releases,
Explain the hormone cycle in the ...
139  cards
What is down s syndrome,
Down s syndrome
46  cards
What is open angle glaucoma,
There are two types of glaucoma w...
172  cards
Opthalmology 2
What is corneal abrasions,
Common causes of corneal abrasions,
Corneal abrasionsif the abrasion ...
57  cards
Medicine - Neurology
What are siezures,
What are the types of seizures ge...,
What are the common types of seiz...
173  cards
Medicine Neurology 2
What is hydrocephalus,
What is normal csf physiology,
Congenital causes pof hydrocephalus
142  cards
Neurology - CBLs/Safe prescribing
What factors do you need to take ...,
What drug treatment options can y...,
Management of focal temporal lobe...
103  cards
Surgery - Ears, Nose and Throat
There are two main categories of ...,
What is conductive hearing loss,
What is sensorineural hearing loss
167  cards
Surgery ENT 2
Quinsy is the common name for a,
When can peritonsillar abscess arise,
What are peritonsillar abscess us...
190  cards
Surgery C - Oral & Maxillofacial
Head and neck cancer is ther ____...
77  cards
Surgery C - Burns and Plastics
What is the immediate first aid f...,
Heat burns management,
Electrical burns management
78  cards
Surgery - Anaesthetics
There are two main categories of ...,
What is general anaesthetic,
Before a planned general anaesthe...
146  cards
Mse exam in healthy individuals t...,
Mse exam abnormalities of thought...
213  cards
Child and Adolescent Mental Health CAMH
What is classed as depression in ...,
Typical symptoms of depression in...,
There are key points that need to...
76  cards
Psychiatry: Antipsychotics, Anxiolytics, Antidepressants
What are anxiolytics,
What is the first line tx for anx...,
Ssri full form
105  cards
Med C - Renal
What is aki,
What are the nice guidelines 2019...,
Risk factors that would predispos...
128  cards
Med C - Geriatrics
What is constipation classed as a...,
What are risk factors of constipa...,
Causes of constipation include
60  cards
Med D - Haemotology
What is blood made out of,
Once the clotting factors are rem...,
Where do blood cells develop
124  cards
Med D - Haemotology
Thrombocytopenia describes a ____...,
Reduced platelet production can o...,
Increased platelet destruction ca...
39  cards

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