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What are the major drivers of glo...,
1 how is globalization changed ov...,
In firm strategy profit determine...
9  cards
Political Economy
Development of political and econ...,
Economic system 3,
Legal system 3
11  cards
Trade Theories & Competitivness
Classical trade theories 2,
New trade theory,
8  cards
Trade Policies
Impact of trade policies 4,
Why is trade not free name 3,
Instruments of trade policies 6
13  cards
Bop accounting,
Us current account deficit
17  cards
Regional Economical Integration / WTO
What is regional economic integra...,
Production factors,
Reasons for against regional inte...
11  cards
Introduction to foreign exchange
Types 3,
Why limit convertibility preserve...,
Exchange rate regimes about peg 2
15  cards
Foreign Currency Issues
Hard currencies,
Influencing currency value,
Why is hedging important
11  cards
What is culture,
Where do the values of culture co...,
Different components of culture
9  cards
Name of currencies
United states,
19  cards
Global Human Ressources
Types of expat assignment,
Expatriate success predictors,
Stages of adjustment w curve
7  cards
Outsourcing video
Difference call center work us india,
Media bias
2  cards
Entry Strategies
Different entry strategies,
Turnkey projects
9  cards
Export process,
What are incoterms,
Letters of credit
7  cards
International Marketing
Variables of marketing mix,
Market segmentation,
Marketing mix product
8  cards

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