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Tell me about yourself
How many years of it experience d...,
When did you join capgemini,
Who are the clients that you work...
17  cards
Defect leakage,
Defect density,
Test coverage
14  cards
Defect Life Cycle
Whats the name of the state if th...,
Whats the status options when the...,
What happens when the defect is i...
7  cards
Morgan Stanley Test Execution & Analysis Service
What did you do for morgan stanle...,
What does tea stand for,
How did you go about setting up t...
20  cards
Wells Fargo Experience
What was the wells fargo project ...,
How many lines of business that t...,
How many applications does each l...
33  cards
LoadRunner Basics
Whats lr used for,
What lr does,
What lr simulates
19  cards
Testing Basics
Software engineering,
5 stages of development,
Management process
50  cards
Project Plan Components - Testing
Requirements review,
Test planning,
Test case design
6  cards
Testing Definitions
Testing carried out by the client...,
Testing carried out to ensure tha...,
Testing done without any defined ...
53  cards
Whats scrum,
Scrum is not a process or techniq...,
Scrum employs an
37  cards
Front To Back Equity Cash Morgan Stanley
Who are the clients morgan stanle...,
How the orders are received,
Where the self trading clients su...
52  cards
Tell me About Yourself - Sequence
Industry experience,
Clients worked for
3  cards
Fidelity Experience
What was the project called in fi...,
What was the purpose of the project,
Whats focas
6  cards
Whats mifid,
Whats the objective of mifid,
Whats the goal of mifid
10  cards
Barclays Experience
What was the dodd frank section y...,
What is section 165,
What ihc has to do
19  cards
Morgan Stanley Experience for the first 6 years
What was your role in morgan stanley,
What type of roles you played,
What are the type of projects and...
12  cards
Unix Commands
Basic utilities are,
Grep stands for,
Basic grep command
30  cards
An organized collection of data o...,
A set of computer programs for or...,
A dbms provides tools for data in...
58  cards
Intro - 10 min
Can you tell a little bit about y...,
How long have you been working in...,
Who are the major clients
5  cards
Things you can do in Project Management
Whats the difference between agil...,
Individuals and interactions over...,
Working software over comprehensi...
5  cards
Things you can do in BA
0  cards
Different Type of Test Cases
How do you approach the test case...,
Give me an example instance where...,
How do you categorize a test case...
3  cards
Transition Work for Morgan Stanley
What was your role in transition,
How many members that you transit...,
What was your transition approach
11  cards
Automation Experience
0  cards
Pre-Sale RFP Experience
Do you have any pre sale experience,
What was the objective of the rfp,
What cg expect to demonstrate wit...
5  cards
Test Strategy Document Components
Whats the difference between a te...,
High level document which sets th...,
What are the components of testin...
5  cards
Test Plan Document Components
Whats test planning,
What are the components of a test...,
Give me an example of how did you...
3  cards
Test Process I can implement
What are the test processes you c...,
What are the other areas of test ...
2  cards
Interview Questions - Test Lead
What tasks you do at the beginnin...,
Can you walk through the test pla...,
Whats test leads responsibility
15  cards
Database Migration/ETL Testing
Whats a business rule,
Movement of data from old databas...,
Source database or legacy database
9  cards
Database Testing
Long term data storage,
Parts of a database,
Whats data
25  cards
Interview Tips - Peggy
4 concerns of hiring manager,
Magic words do you understand the...
6  cards
Software Test Management
What testers need to provide,
Software testing can be fully int...,
What testers bring to the table
29  cards
Things you can do as a SCRUM Project Manager
What are the things you can do as...
1  cards

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