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What was your role in Transition

Transition Lead responsible for transition of the group that support Post Trade Technology applications


How many members that you transitioned

About 160


What was your transition approach

a) Identify the list of applications and the resources supporting
b) Identify the business critical applications and prioritize
c) Reconcile the resource requirements with the Pyramid
d) Work with the staffing team to identify, interview and onboard the resources


What was the transition process like once the resources were onboarded

It's was a 8 week transition.
a) First week, they go through trainings in DB, QA concepts, Unix and General understanding of the MS systems
b) Week 2 thru week 4 - They go through application training and they perform secondary testing
c) Week 5 thru week 6 - They perform the primary testing
d) Week 7 and 8 - Buffer and QA lead sign off


Was there a final assessment performed

Yes the final assessment was done by the QA lead


What was the exit criteria for the secondary testing

candidates were able to perform 60% of the allocated tasks


What was the exit criteria for the primary testing

Candidates were able to perform 90% of the allocated tasks


What was covered in the QA concepts trainings

Guidelines to capture requirements, write test cases, report issues, defects


What was covered in Unix training

a) How to log on to the Unix box, check error codes, analyze and report defects based on the analysis
b) Start/Stop the process
c) Copy files, search files


What was covered in the DB training

a) How to connect to the DB
b) Run simple queries and Joins, group by


Did you do the reporting?

Yes reporting to the MS team on a daily and weekly basis