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1: Rialacha na scoile
It was the first of september and...,
There was an assembly arranged fo...,
Every one was chit chatting but w...
43  cards
2: Timpiste sa Choláiste Samhraidh
Last summer off the three went se...,
To polish their irish,
The 3 got a lift from peters pare...
42  cards
3: Teip sa scrúdú tiomána
Last monday liam drove with his f...,
Liam was going for his driving te...,
Anyway his dad wished him good lu...
33  cards
4: Mo cheol thú! Mo cheol sibh!
Patricks collage was one of the m...,
They had a strong tradition in re...,
There was a notice on the notice ...
28  cards
5: Caillte sna sléibhte
A couple of weeks ago the climbin...,
Every one was excited and really ...,
Of course they had to prepare the...
39  cards
6: An Ghaeilge - seoid luachmhar
There is a small town in ireland ...,
Even though it is not in any gael...,
The names of the shops in irish a...
30  cards
8: an foireann ag cruthú go hiontach
It was the month of september las...,
Sean and peter saw the notice on ...,
Sean said that he would speak to ...
25  cards
9: Tionscadal ar Fhéilte na hÉireann
Last year in colaiste mhuire ther...,
Learning about our own heritage a...,
As well as superstitions customs ...
31  cards
10: Samhradh Iontach
The leaving cert finished on the ...,
The organised to meet up later th...,
They knew that the country was in...
28  cards
11: Gadaíocht ar an Traein
It was july and aine and una were...,
It was a type of celebration afte...,
Dad told them to be careful and m...
35  cards
12: Sláinte na nÓg - Seachtain na Sláinte
Last monday straight after assemb...,
Announcing that health week was s...,
They were told also that there wa...
28  cards
13: Lá spraoi san ardchathair
Last year maire did an exchange w...,
And this year rosa was returning ...,
They got on well with each other ...
38  cards
14: Drochaimsir an Gheimhridh - Athrú Aeráide
Nobody will forget the weather th...,
With snow so heaving that nobody ...,
The weather was so bad that rte p...
39  cards
15: Fileann an Fón
It was saturday night and the one...,
Daddy organised to go to the famo...,
It was an italian restaurant that...
42  cards
17: Fadhbanna ar saoire
One day the oneill family were ga...,
The parents told them that they h...,
They didnt go on holidays the pre...
47  cards
18: Buntáistí Móra na hIdirbhliana
There was a new year starting las...,
And on the first day of september...,
And to convince them of the impor...
37  cards
19: Lá ag cluiche rugbaí i Stade de France
A fortnight ago in the school can...,
About the international rugby gam...,
They loved rugby and peadar was v...
35  cards
20: Ná húsáid an cárta creidmheasa gan chead
Liam and sile were killing time m...,
They were on the ticketmaster web...,
They saw that there were tickets ...
40  cards

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