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Operating Systems
Max ram a 32 bit os can support,
First nt based windows marketed t...,
Major changes in security and fun...
94  cards
Linux Commands
View a list of directories on the...,
Search for a pattern of text in f...,
Show the directory youre currentl...
21  cards
Windows Management
Directly edit the windows registr...,
Use non graphical tools at the co...,
Open the services console to conf...
20  cards
Windows Commands
Display a list of available comma...,
Display a description of a specif...,
Display a commands syntax and par...
38  cards
Server Commands
Adds a workstation or server acco...,
Manages both primary and alternat...,
Renames a domain computer but not...
9  cards
Windows Networking
Win 7 vpn connection,
Win 10 vpn connection,
Configuring proxy servers
7  cards
Networking Troubleshooting Tools
In windows operating systems disp...,
In unix like operating systems di...,
In windows displays diagnostic in...
15  cards
Ensuring that information is view...,
Ensuring that information remains...,
Ensuring that information is alwa...
68  cards
Security Technologies
User can view the contents of a f...,
Read permission plus the user can...,
Read permission plus the user can...
71  cards
Securing Devices and Data
Allows encryption of individual d...,
Encrypts entire ntfs volumes incl...,
Used to protect removable drives ...
47  cards
Operational Procedures
Includes procedures and guideline...,
Govern codified expectations of u...,
Specify exactly what steps will b...
46  cards
Best Practices
Partial or full backups that can ...,
A log file that includes all rece...,
A container that can withstand da...
28  cards
Basic Linux Commands
Used for searching text in files,
Changes the current directory,
Changes file permissions
24  cards
Scripting and Remote Access
Interpreted languages that run on...,
Languages that require a compiler,
Allows for precision math also kn...
26  cards
Security Concepts
Intended to delay or deter entran...,
Used for mid layer access control...,
Used for mid and inner layer acce...
21  cards
Securing Operating Systems
Policy used to define an acceptab...,
Software used to police a byod,
A code of conduct with organizati...
23  cards

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