italian wine scholar: central & southern italy

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Toscana: History
What is the rinascimento,
Tourism is one of tuscany s most ...,
Name the cities in toscana that a...
50  cards
Toscana: Terroir, Grapes, etc.
Where is toscana located,
How large is toscana,
How much of the toscana landscape...
75  cards
Toscana: Coastal Appellations
Name the appellations of the nort...,
Where is montecarlo doc located,
What styles of wine are produced ...
104  cards
Toscana: Appellations of Central Toscana
Where is carmignano located,
What did count ugo contini bonaco...,
What sets carmignano apar from th...
113  cards
Toscana: Appellations of Eastern/Southern Toscana
Where is cortona doc located,
When did cortona achieve doc status,
What styles of wine are produced ...
75  cards
Marche: History
Which is the only italian region ...,
Describe the marche landscape,
What is marchigiani
28  cards
Marche: Geography, Climate, Grapes, etc.
Who is francesco sacchi,
Where is marche located,
What is the capital of marche
57  cards
Marche: Appellations
Name the appellations of northern...,
Which of the appellations in nort...,
When did bianchello del metauro d...
118  cards
Which region rivals toscana as th...,
Abruzzo is home to which historic...,
Which grape variety is abruzzo s ...
88  cards
What is il cuore verde d italia,
Name some things that umbria is k...,
How long has wine been produced i...
59  cards
Umbria: Appellations
How many doc gs are there in umbria,
How can the appellations of umbri...,
What is the relationship between ...
95  cards
Why did lazio lag behind in the q...,
The history of lazio and that of ...,
Who were the original known inhab...
118  cards
Which region is italy s second sm...,
What is abruzzi e molise,
What people inhabited molise unti...
34  cards
Campania: History
Who are some of the ancients cont...,
How is it that campania is one of...,
How is it that campania is a virt...
24  cards
Campania: Terroir, Grapes
Where is campania located,
Which region has the highest popu...,
What is the capital of campania
61  cards
Campania: Appellations
Where is caserta province located,
Name the appellations of caserta ...,
When why was the
144  cards
What is lucania,
Where is basilicata located,
Describe the mountain ranges of b...
44  cards
Puglia: History
What are some of puglia s princip...,
Which region is known as the wine...,
Which wine region is the largest ...
17  cards
Puglia: Terroir, Grapes, Viticulture
Where is puglia located,
Why is puglia a popular destination,
What is the least moutainous regi...
65  cards
Puglia: Appellations
How many doc g s are there in puglia,
What are the 3 main geographic gr...,
What is the only regional doc of ...
79  cards
Sardegna: History
What is language of sardegna,
Who inhabited sardegna as early a...,
How long has the vine been grown ...
17  cards
Sardegna: Terroir, Grapes
Where is sardegna located,
How large is sardegna,
Sardegna is one of italy s autono...
69  cards
Sardegna: Appellations
How many doc g s are there in sar...,
Name the regional appellations of...,
Which is sardegna s flagship appe...
108  cards
Which region did ancient greek se...,
What crops are grown in calabria,
Name the native grapes the produc...
68  cards
Sicilia: History
Which royal dynasties have ruled ...,
What does sicilia boast,
What is the capital of sicilia
44  cards
Sicilia: Terroir, Grapes
Which region is the largest in italy,
What factors are important to con...,
Where is sicilia located
86  cards
Sicilia: Northeast, Western Appellations
How many doc g s are there in sic...,
How is sicilia broadly divided,
Name the appellations of northeas...
84  cards
Sicilia: Southeast, Island Appellations
Name the appellations of southeas...,
What is sicilia s southeastern co...,
Who is vittoria colonna henriquez
83  cards
0  cards

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