italian wine scholar - northern italy

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Valle D'Aosta
For WSG Italian Exam
80  cards
What are the most well known mgas...,
How many mgas originally recogniz...,
The only minor nebbiolo based app...
273  cards
This doc is located entirely in t...,
What are four wines of colli di l...,
What is the traditional training ...
62  cards
Which winegrowing region is a par...,
This grape is used to produce sin...,
What is the minimum percentage re...
101  cards
What grape varieties typical red ...,
This doc largely encompasses the ...,
What was built by roman consul ma...
97  cards
What region lies to the north of ...,
What are eight most widely plante...,
What is the sweet and rare but ex...
90  cards
Alto Adige / Sudtirol
How many docs are in alto adige s...,
This red variety has been grown i...,
What does schiava mean in italian
89  cards
What are two other recioto wines ...,
What is the traditional and most ...,
This inter regional doc was intro...
181  cards
Friuli Venezia Giulia
Firuli isonzo doc can be divided ...,
This docg is a small growing area...,
Which appellations produce the su...
112  cards
Foundation - History
Where did the etrsican civilaizat...,
Who were the three strong advocat...,
True or false corks and glass bot...
42  cards
Foundation - Wine Laws
Once the designation for docg is ...,
Define consorzio,
What is disciplinare di produzione
22  cards
Foundation - Terroir
What are six important tributarie...,
What are three lakes in central i...,
What is matamorphic rock such as ...
33  cards
Foundation - Viticulture
Which region gdc geneva double co...,
What is talento,
List three different time periods...
40  cards

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italian wine scholar - northern italy

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