italian wine scholar: northern italy

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Italian Wine Labeling Terms
23  cards
How far back have fossils of viti...,
Who cultivated the vines througho...,
Before the etruscans expanded the...
41  cards
Wine Laws
What is the significance of the e...,
What regulations does the eu enforce,
The eu divided wine into two majo...
7  cards
Where is italy located and within...,
What is shape is italy as a landm...,
Which countries does italy border
68  cards
Italian Viticulture
What other countries does italy c...,
Which regions in italy will you f...,
What is mezzadria metayage
4  cards
Valle d'Aosta
What is unique about valle d aosta,
What is tourisms central role in ...,
Why is valle d aosta one of the l...
108  cards
How big is lombardia compared to ...,
What are the tourist attractions ...,
What is the capital of lombardia
183  cards
Piemonte: History, Topography, Grapes
Where in italy is piemonte located,
How large is piemonte compared to...,
How many grape varieties are used...
120  cards
Piemonte: Sub-Regions and Appellations
What are the four major sub regio...,
Where is the northern piemonte su...,
Where is the western piemonte and...
112  cards
Piemonte: Alba
Where is alba located,
Where is the city of alba located,
How is alba s historic and viticu...
180  cards
Piemonte: Monferrato
Where is monferrato,
What areas in piemonte were liste...,
What are the 3 main areas monferr...
181  cards
What is the main source of income...,
What is the scale of wine product...,
How has wine production in liguri...
131  cards
Emilia romagna is a cultural nexu...,
Name the beach resorts in,
Emilia romagna is the epicenter f...
256  cards
Friuli Venezia Giulia
Where is friuli venezia giulia,
Why is,
What is at the base of friuli s s...
299  cards
The administrative region of tren...,
Trentino alto adige were once und...,
When were trentino alto adige mad...
155  cards
Alto Adige
Why is it said that alto adige is...,
How does alto adige identify,
When was alto adige released from...
177  cards
What is tre venezie triveneto,
Which region in the tre venezie t...,
What is the capital of veneto
86  cards
Veneto & Western Appellations
How many doc gs are there in vene...,
Name the 3 main sub regions of ve...,
Where is the western veneto sub r...
155  cards
Veneto: Central/Eastern Appellations
Name the major wine districts of ...,
Where is gambellara located,
What style of wine is produced in...
167  cards
Appendix A: The Grapevine
Within what latitude does the gra...,
What are the 3 major nutritional ...,
What are the 6 minor nutritional ...
7  cards
Appendix B: Winemaking
0  cards

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