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Ch1 Welcome to Java
What package do the files and pat...,
Compile and run the following two...,
Where does the javac command plac...
8  cards
Ch2 Java Building Blocks
An identifier is the name of a va...,
Does the following code compile p...
2  cards
Ch3 Operators
What is the output of each print ...,
What is the data type of w x y sh...,
What is the data type of y short ...
17  cards
Ch4 Making Decision
Which of the following data types...,
Which of the following cases are ...,
Which of the following cases are ...
6  cards
Ch5 Core Java APIs
What interfaces does string imple...,
Name as many important string met...,
What are the options to construct...
37  cards
Ch6 Lambdas and Functional Interfaces
What is a lambda expression,
What are the rules for accessing ...
2  cards
Ch7 Methods and Encapsulation
Name all components in the follow...,
What are all access modifiers,
What are all optional specifiers
15  cards
Ch8 Class Design
Given the following code how do w...,
What is the difference between su...,
Can we call a parent variable usi...
22  cards
Ch9 Advanced Class Design
True or falsean abstract method c...,
True or falsethe final and abstra...,
What are the abstract class defin...
16  cards
Ch10 Modules
Given a module zooanimalfeeding w...,
Suppose there is a module named b...,
Package everything under the test...
10  cards
Ch11 Exceptions
What is an exception,
What superclass aside from object...,
What is an error and what should ...
27  cards
Ch12 Java Fundmentals
Is the following code valid priva...,
Is the following code valid final...,
Is the following code valid publi...
49  cards
Ch13 Annotations
What is the purpose of annotations,
Annotations function a lot like i...,
What is the simplest form to defi...
48  cards
Ch14 Generics and Collections
What is a method reference,
Given the following statement wri...,
Given the following lamda express...
93  cards
Ch15 Functional Programming
Which functional interface from j...,
What method does the supplier fun...,
What method does the consumer and...
86  cards
Ch16 Exceptions, Assertions, and Localization
What is an assertion,
What is an assert statement,
What is the syntax of an assert s...
56  cards
Ch17 Modular Applications
What command lines available to d...,
How to set declare multiple imple...,
What is a service provider
9  cards
Ch18 Concurrency
What is a thread,
What is a context switch,
What is a thread priority
69  cards
Ch19 I/O
What package can be used to inter...,
What is the file class used for,
What are two ways to retrieve the...
18  cards
Ch20 NIO.2
What are the key classes in javan...,
What are these path methods norma...,
What are these path methods resol...
38  cards
What are the five key interfaces ...,
What does the driver interface do,
What does the connection interfac...
17  cards
Ch22 Security
What are these security objective...,
What are these security objective...,
What are these security objective...
6  cards

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