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Part 1: Officer Ranks
11  cards
Part 1: History - RAF and Flight
When was the ccf founded,
When was the raf founded,
Which two organisations merged to...
25  cards
RAF Abbreviations/Acronyms
22  cards
Part 1: NCO Ranks
11  cards
Cadet Badges + Uniform
24  cards
Part 2: Principles of Flight
What is newtons 3rd law,
What is bernouili s principle,
In straight and level flight at c...
37  cards
Part 1: Organisation of the RAF
How many groups make up the raf a...,
Which group is for strike aircraft,
Which group is for training inclu...
10  cards
Shooting Stuff
What is the name of the sa80 vari...,
What calibre of ammunition does t...,
What is the 1st marksmanship prin...
8  cards
Part 1: Airfields
What are the three types of airfield,
How wide is a standard runway,
How long is a standard runway
16  cards
Part 1: Map Reading
Which lines go north south,
Which lines go east west,
Which series of maps are most oft...
21  cards
Part 2: Basic Navigation
What is magnetic variation,
Which north is this,
Which north is this
25  cards
Part 2: Airmanship
On an airfield what does atc stan...,
Where is the airfield aerodome co...,
What does the airfield aerodome c...
24  cards
Air Rec: US Fighter Jets
24  cards
Air Rec: Those pesky European Jets
24  cards
Air Rec: Other US Aircraft
22  cards
Air Rec: Historic RAF 1
22  cards
Air Rec: Historic RAF 2
22  cards
Part 2: Aircraft Roles and Abbreviations
Aircraft reporting names have a l...,
What does aew stand for,
What does c stand for
29  cards
Air Rec: New RAF Aircraft
14  cards
Air Rec: Historic RAF 3 (Propeller Aircraft)
12  cards
Air Rec: Basic RAF Aircraft
27  cards

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