kmk ocular disease

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Decks in this class (17)

1 - Mnemonics
12  cards
17 - Glaucoma
Oht definition risk factors for c...,
Secondary oag
17  cards
2 - Trauma
Chemical burn who what why,
Corneal abrasion who what why,
Corneal conj superficial fbs who ...
16  cards
3 - Adnexa/Orbit/External
Prolapsed orbital fat cause what ...,
Preseptal cellulitis who when causes,
Orbital cellulitis who causes
53  cards
4 - Lids/Lashes/Lacrimal
Blepharitis ant vs post staph vs seb,
Chalazion history
36  cards
5 - Conjunctiva
Conj cyst,
Conj concretions,
Conj nevus
56  cards
6 - Epi/Sclera/Uvea
Episcleritis who,
Episcleritis signs symp,
Scleritis who pathophys
33  cards
7 - Cornea1
Exposure keratopathy pathophys si...,
Filamentary keratopathy who patho...
36  cards
8 - Cornea2
List names for ebmd,
Corneal dystrophies anterior stro...,
Ebmd who pathophys
27  cards
9 - Cornea3
Biggest risk for any corneal ulcer,
Bacterial keratitis epidemiology hx,
Bacterial keratitis pathophys
30  cards
10 - Cornea4
Terrien s marginal degeneration w...,
Terrien s marginal degeneration s...,
Salzmann s nodular degeneration w...
31  cards
11 - Lens/Cataract/IOL
Cataracts nuclear sclerosis,
Cataracts cortical,
Cataracts anterior subcapsular
21  cards
12 - Fundoscopy/Vitreous
Hruby lens indications interpreta...,
3 mirror lens indications interpr...,
78 90d lens indications interpret...
17  cards
13- Retina/Choroid1
Retinal vascular disease 1 cause ...,
Central retinal vein occlusion cr...,
Central retinal vein occlusion cr...
36  cards
14 - Retina/Choroid2
Hyperviscosity retinopathy pathophys,
Hyperviscosity retinopathy most c...,
Hiv retinopathy
27  cards
15 - Retina/Choroid3
Histoplasmosis epidemiology patho...,
Histoplasmosis signs symp,
Toxo vs histo uni or bilat vitreo...
28  cards
16 - Retina/Choroid4
Gyrate atrophy epidemiology patho...,
Gyrate atrophy signs symp,
Rhegamatogenous retinal detachmen...
26  cards

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kmk ocular disease

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