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What supports and provide protect...,
What makes up the bony orbit,
What bones make up the 4 walls
65  cards
What are the 6 layers of the eyelid,
Skin is ______ and _______ and __...,
T f the eyelid has fat
125  cards
What is the main primary provider...,
What is the lacrimal gland divide...,
What two lobes are the lacrimal g...
163  cards
Cornea 2
What is the function of tight jun...,
T f tight junctions do completly ...,
T f tight junctions are also call...
163  cards
Aqueous Humor
What are the primary purposes of ...,
Refractive index of aqueous humor is,
Name the 3 vascular circles in th...
50  cards
Cornea 1
The cornea is ______ shaped and i...,
T f the posterior surface is the ...,
The cornea has ____ diopters of _...
134  cards
The lens is specialized __epithel...,
T f intraocular lens can be compa...,
The lens must be transparent have...
177  cards
Fibroblasts collagen proteoglycan...,
Scleara has __ of water __ dry we...,
75 of they dry weight is fibrobla...
41  cards
A dynamic change in the power of ...,
In accomodation the optical power...,
Accomodation is measured in ____ ...
58  cards
Aging in the ciliary muscle leads...,
Aging in ciliary muscle leads to ...,
The inner apex of the unaccommoda...
31  cards
The vitreous body makes up approx...,
The length of the vitreous body i...,
The mean adult vitreous is ____ m...
75  cards
Optic Nerve
Name the 4 parts of the optic ner...,
The inner most portion predominan...,
Fenestrated sheets of scleral con...
70  cards
How many layers does the retina h...,
The retina extends over the anter...,
What is the correct terminology f...
131  cards

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