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What are mf frequencies for routi...,
What are the hf dsc frequencies f...,
What is the primary vhf inter shi...
50  cards
3 stages of situational awareness,
Why helm,
What are the types of performance...
8  cards
First Aid
Normal vital signs of a human,
Dr abcd,
Mgn 280 m
7  cards
Advantages of ecdis,
Disadvantages of ecdis,
What makes an enc
61  cards
Definitions (Rule 3 Colregs)
In sight,
11  cards
Colregs Part A, General
Rule 1,
Rule 2,
Rule 3points a m
16  cards
Colregs, Part B Steering and Sailing Rules Section I
Conduct of vessels in any condition of visibility
13  cards
Colregs, Part B steering and Sailing Rules section II
Rule 11,
Rule 12 a ii b,
Rule 13 a d
8  cards
Colregs, Part B steering and sailing rules, Section III
Section iii conduct of vessels in...,
5  cards
Colregs, Part C, Lights and Shapes
Rule 20 application,
Rule 21 definitions,
Rule 22 visibility of lights
14  cards
Colregs Part D, Sound and Light Signals
What does the term whistle mean,
How long is a short blast conside...,
How long is a prolonged blast con...
6  cards
Colregs, Annexes
Colregs annex i,
Colregs annex ii,
Colregs annex iii
4  cards
ColRegs Misc
What is the significance of msn17...,
What does the flag combination yg...,
Define do not impede
5  cards
Range of light from vertical sext...,
Beam bearing,
Gyro high
11  cards
Echo Sounders
Low frequency and high frequency ...,
Calculation of depth through soun...,
Make up of echo sounder
13  cards
Principle of operation,
What shape is a radar and why
56  cards
Compass work
Define variation,
Define deviation,
How to correct for ships hard iro...
19  cards
What is ais,
What does sotdma stand for,
How does sotdma work
12  cards
Principle of gps,
Position accuracy
11  cards
Speed logs
Function principle of the electro...,
Advantages of an electromagnetic log,
Electromagnetic log diagram
8  cards
Publications required to be on bo...,
List the 8 sections of the weekly...,
Contents of sailing directions
11  cards
RADAR plotting pro formas
Basic plot,
Course alteration,
Course alteration for desired cpa
7  cards
How long does arpa take to produc...,
What is the function of the trial...,
Problems within arpa
6  cards
Passage Planning
Appraisal documents,
5  cards
Pilotage who has ultimate respons...,
What is the pilots duty,
Hour of rest as stated by stcw
11  cards
Parallel Indexing (PI)
Purpose of pi s,
What does it do,
What is a pi
6  cards
Ship Construction Terminology
Measurements continued,
Summer load line
50  cards
Corrosion, Construction Materials, Class societies and Maintenance
Advantages and disadvantages of wood,
Advantages and disadvantages of s...,
Advantages and disadvantages of f...
24  cards
Centre of bouyancy,
56  cards
Define barometric pressure,
What is the mean atmospheric pres...,
Define stable air
40  cards
Seamanship (GSK)
Coswap anchoring procedures and p...,
Mooring making fast and casting off,
32  cards
What is marpol,
Who does it apply to,
What annexes are relevant to yach...
31  cards
Solas chapters,
Some chapters important for mariners,
Chapter iii
8  cards
What is coswap,
What is a risk assessment,
5 stages of risk assessment
11  cards
In which msc marine safety commit...,
Precautions for the protection of...,
Iamsar vol iii section 1
41  cards
Emergencies (actions)
Initial actions following man ove...,
Three recovery manoeuvres,
Launching rescue craft rib orange...
21  cards
Business and Law
Who is the imo,
What is a convention,
Examples of conventions
50  cards
Drills, Muster and Emergency Parties
Three factors to consider when or...,
Muster list is displayed where,
Must list contains
25  cards
Safe Means of Access
Basic requirements for safe means...,
Accomodation ladders
8  cards
Manoeuvre the ship
Where is the pivot point of the v...,
What is transverse thrust,
Where do we find info on vessels ...
10  cards
MET Orals
Equipment for measuring weather,
Purpose of hygrometer,
How to use a precision aneroid ba...
13  cards
What is iala and when was it esta...,
When did the modern more unified ...,
What does iala do
19  cards

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