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US Constitution - Breakdown of Articles and Amendments
Article i section 1,
Article i section 2 5 parts,
Article i section 3 7 parts
51  cards
Chapter 3 - Constitutional Law - Concepts
The federal government and each o...,
1 refers to the authority of a co...,
Judicial review is considered a 1...
114  cards
Chapter 3 - Constitutional Law - Terminology
A program under which women and o...,
The constitution under which the ...,
Rules of judicial self restraint ...
74  cards
Chapter 1 - Development of American Law - Concepts
Positive law has been called 1 an...,
To be law a command must take the...,
The declaration of independence s...
75  cards
Chapter 1 - Development of American Law - Terminology
A system of justice involving con...,
Judicial tribunals that review de...,
The constitution under which the ...
85  cards
Quiz 1 Review - 5/21
Bill of rights,
Bills of attainder,
Checks and balances
23  cards
Quiz 2 Review - 5/28
Civil disobediance,
Civil law,
Due process of law
21  cards
Chapter 2 - Structures of American Law - Concepts
1 is one of the hallmarks of the ...,
8 powers designated to national g...,
4 powers delegated to states
111  cards
Chapter 2 - Structures of American Law - Terminology
Departments of federal state and ...,
The body of law dealing with the ...,
A system of justice involving con...
86  cards
Quiz 3 Review - 6/4
Alternative dispute resolution,
Appellate jurisdiction,
Concurrent jurisdiction
19  cards
Chapter 9 - Civil Procedure, Evidence, and the Appellate Process - Concepts
Civil procedure embraces the proc...,
In federal courts civil procedure...,
Plaintiffs and defendants are kno...
83  cards
Chapter 9 - Civil Procedure, Evidence, and the Appellate Process - Terminology
To uphold ratify or approve,
The defendant s response to the a...,
Appellee s written response to th...
120  cards
Quiz 4 Review - 6/11
Best evidence rule,
Challenge for cause,
Circumstantial evidence
22  cards
Chapter 10 - Criminal Procedure - Concepts
Criminal procedure consists of th...,
5 things that set requirements fo...,
Most search seizure requires a 1 ...
95  cards
Chapter 10 - Criminal Procedure - Terminology
Objection to prospective jurors o...,
Laws that allow a screen to be pl...,
A summons to appear in court ofte...
128  cards
Midterm Review - 6/18
Tell me about challenge for cause...,
Tell me about interrogatories and...,
Tell me about the federal court s...
28  cards
Chapter 4 - Criminal Law - Concepts
Substantive criminal law defines ...,
The distinction between misdemean...,
1 laws are subject to change as s...
189  cards
Chapter 4 - Criminal Law - Terminology
A person who aids in the commissi...,
A wrongful act that combined with...,
Defenses t o a criminal charge wh...
141  cards
Quiz 5 Review
Actus reus,
23  cards
Chapter 5 - Torts - Concepts
A tort is not always a 1 some are...,
3 basic types of torts,
An employer held liable for an em...
86  cards
Chapter 5 - Torts - Terminology
The attempt or threat to inflict ...,
A person s voluntary exposure to ...,
A condition or machine on premise...
81  cards
Quiz 6 Review
Attractive nuisance,
Comparative negligence,
Compensatory damages
23  cards
Chapter 6 - Property Law - Concepts
The 1 covers just compensation th...,
Real property consists of 1 and i...,
Property rights are like a 1 and ...
93  cards
Chapter 6 - Property Law - Terminology
Property over which the owner or ...,
An addition or increase in property,
Possession of property with the p...
109  cards
Quiz 7 Review
Adverse possession,
Ancillary administration
25  cards
Chapter 7 - Contract and Business Law - Concepts
The right to enter into contract ...,
A 1 states a party cannoy introdu...,
2 basic types of contracts
79  cards
Chapter 7 - Contract and Business Law - Terminology
Actions or threats used by debt c...,
A manifestation of assent to the ...,
Payment by one party and acceptan...
121  cards
Quiz 8 Review
Bilateral contract
23  cards
Chapter 8 - Family Law - Concepts
Marriage is both a 1 and a 2 crea...,
Ecclesiastical law in england rec...,
4 statutory requirements of marri...
89  cards
Chapter 8 - Family Law - Terminology
Intentional termination of a preg...,
Parents who have adopted a child ...,
A written document signed by a pe...
84  cards
Quiz 9 Review
Best interests of the child test,
Civil unions
23  cards
Chapters 11 & 12 - Concepts
The us congress is limited to leg...,
Gonzales v raich sanctioned congr...,
The 1 sought to prevent monopolie...
27  cards
Chapters 11 & 12 - Terminology
Procedures leading to adjudicatio...,
Departments of federal state and ...,
The body of law deadling with the...
77  cards
Final Review
Administrative law,
Antitrust law,
Cease and desist orders
22  cards

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