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Chapter 1: Overview Of Scientific Research
True or false biomedical grant pr...,
True or false animals may be used...,
True or false the only way to obt...
11  cards
Final Exam 2
Which of the following is not a t...,
Which animal normally has cloudy ...,
What is the term used to describe...
19  cards
Chapter 4: Administrative Responsibilities
Why are records on animal census ...,
What is the minimum time required...,
What is minimum time to keep semi...
21  cards
Chapter 2: Policies, Guidlines, And Regulations In Animal Research
True or false the usda requires t...,
True or false specific state regu...,
The guide for the care and use of...
52  cards
Chapter 3: Ethics In Animal Research
True or false the principle of re...,
True or false a whistleblower pol...,
True or false the study of ethics...
12  cards
Chapter 5: Laboratory Animal Facility Design & Environmental Management
What is the purpose of a two corr...,
These features apply to what type...,
These features apply to what type...
44  cards
Unit 1 Exam: Ch 1-4
What is the primary federal grant...,
What is an animal use protocol,
What does the institutional anima...
49  cards
Chapter 6: The Aquatic Environment
True or false the african clawed ...,
True or false the optimum water p...,
True or false calcium hardness is...
25  cards
Unit Two Exam: Ch 5 & 6
Which method is not a method of s...,
Hepa filters are only efficient i...,
Hw is ammonia gas produced in soi...
49  cards
Chapter 7: Anatomy & Physiology
True or false skin is a type of c...,
The epiphysis is a specialized ar...,
True or false leukocytes safe the...
70  cards
Chapter 8: Genetics & Breeding Colony Management
True or false ferrets cats and ra...,
True or false for the purposes of...,
True or false a breeding colony t...
36  cards
Chapter 9: Calculations & Conversions
True or false a solution is a hom...,
True or false a simple way to con...,
True or false a 1 molar solution ...
21  cards
Chapter 11: Research Methodologies
True or false some experimental a...,
True or false,
True or false housing animals tha...
27  cards
Unit 3 Exam: Ch 7-9
Platelets are essential for ______,
All mammals have a ______ chamber...,
Oxygen and carbon dioxide are exc...
50  cards
Chapter 10: Common Technical Procedures
True or false the length of a nee...,
True or false the term subcutaneo...,
True or false when giving mice in...
27  cards
Unit Four Exam: Ch 11, 12, & 13
What is another name for a 1 cc s...,
What helps to minimize red blood ...,
What is the relationship between ...
49  cards
Chapter 12: Surgical Instruments & Materials
True or false ultrasonic cleaning...,
True or false dirt blood and othe...,
True or false ethylene oxide gas ...
11  cards
Chapter 13: Aseptic Technique, Surgical Suport, & Anesthesia
True or false disinfectants are u...,
True or false during the gloving ...,
True or false anesthetic techniqu...
17  cards
Chapter 14: Disease And Healh Conditions
True or false neoplasm is a cancer,
True or false if a host develops ...,
True or false acute diseases have...
50  cards
Chapter 15: Emergencies
True or false if a technician com...,
True or false torsion means a dif...,
True or false individuals who wor...
13  cards
Unit 5 Exam: Ch 14-15
What is the protective response o...,
Which of the following is true ab...,
What is the name of the behavior ...
50  cards
Final Exam
Which body approves the animal us...,
How many institutional animal car...,
What does the association for ass...
57  cards
Guide For The Care & Use Of Laboratory Animals
Which statement describes the con...,
What is an engineering standard,
How does the guide describe a policy
28  cards

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