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VIRGIL Context and Characters
Who is mezentius,
Who is mezentius son,
Who does mezentius kill in the fi...
18  cards
VIRGIL 689-706 Mezentius the Rock
Ille velut rupes vastum quae prod...,
Prolem dolichaonis hebrumsternit ...,
Armaque lauso 700donat habere ume...
30  cards
VIRGIL 707-718 Mezentius the Boar
Ac velut ille canum morsu de mont...,
What happened to mezentius the boar,
Why was mezentius safe
22  cards
VIRGIL 719 - 731 Acron the Stag and Mezentius the Lion
Ora cruor,
Where had acron come from,
What did acron leave behind in co...
27  cards
VIRGIL 732 - 746 Orodes the Mountain
Why does mezentius originally not...,
How does mezentius make orodes fa...,
What was mezentius best skills
38  cards
Catullus Context
Who does catullus love,
What does catullus call lesbian i...,
Who is lesbia married to
15  cards
Catullus 2
Catullus 3,
What does passer mean,
What does passer mean
23  cards
Catullus 13
What is catullus 13 about,
What does veneres cupidinesque mean,
What does nasum mean
25  cards
Catullus 35
Summarise catullus 35,
How does catullus describe caecil...,
Who is catullus speaking to
28  cards
Catullus 40
What is catullus 40 about,
How does catullus describe ravidu...,
What does the bad mind cause ravi...
15  cards
Catullus 51
What is catullus 51 about,
Who is the person catullus descri...,
How does catullus describe metell...
31  cards
Catullus 62
What is catullus 62 about,
Who sings first,
Why should the men start singing
89  cards
Catullus 67
What is catullus 67 about,
What type of poem is this,
What does catullus say to the doo...
60  cards
Catullus 70
Nulli se dicit mulier mea nubere ...,
Quam mihi non si se iuppiter ipse...,
Dicit sed mulier cupido quod dici...
9  cards
Catullus 75
1 huc est mens deduca tua mea les...,
2 atque its sea officio peridot i...,
3 ut iam nec bene velle queat tib...
11  cards
Catullus 87
Nulla potest mulier tantum se dic...,
Vere quantum a me lesbia amata me...,
Nulla fides ullo fuit umquam foed...
8  cards
Catullus 96
What is catullus 96 about,
How does catullus start this poem,
What pleasant things can happen
15  cards
Catullus 99
What is catullus 99 about,
What did catullus do to iuventus,
What did catullus steal
26  cards
Catullus 110
What is catullus 110 about,
How does the poem start,
What are prostitutes promised
20  cards
Horace Context
Who is pyrrah,
Who is lydia,
Who is lydia
9  cards
Horace 1.5
What is horace 15 about,
How does the poem start,
How does horace describe the woma...
20  cards
Horace 1.13
What is horace 113 about,
How does the poem start,
How does horace describe telephus...
21  cards
Horace 1.22
What is horace 122 about,
How does the poem start,
What does the upright man not need
22  cards
Horace 3.26
What is horace 326 about,
How did horace live recently,
How does horace describe his rece...
18  cards
Horace 4.1
What is horace 41,
How does horace start this poem,
What does horace ask of venus
43  cards
Chapter 1 Grammar
What are relative pronouns and gi...,
When you see a relative pronoun,
Superlatives are
31  cards
Chapter 2 Grammar
What are the principal parts of t...,
How to spot a deponent,
What is an indirect statement
28  cards
Chapter 3 Grammar
What is the predicative dative,
How is the predicative dative formed,
In indirect statements if the mai...
20  cards
Livy Chapter 1 A contest of womanly virtue.
Who held ardea,
What were the rutuli like,
What was the cause of war
43  cards
Livy Chapter 2 The foul deed
What did sextus do after he left,
Who did sextus bring,
How did lucretia respond to his a...
57  cards
Livy Chapter 3 Brutus leads the Romans against Tarquinius
How did the men respond to lucret...,
How did brutus respond to lucreti...,
What did brutus do with the dagger
62  cards
Livy Chapter 4 Banishment of Tarquinius
How did livy himself feel about b...,
Why is the reliability of what at...,
How did brutus inspire the crowd
34  cards

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