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What is a rule,
What is a principle,
What is a legal rule
44  cards
What is judicial precedent,
What is stare decisis,
What are the elements of a judgement
52  cards
What is parliament,
The house of commons,
The house of lords
23  cards
What is the legislative process a...,
What is a green paper,
What is a white paper
33  cards
What is statutory interpretation,
Why do we need statutory interpre...,
What is the literal rule
33  cards
What is delegated legislation,
What are the three main types of ...,
What is orders in council
28  cards
Explain the development of the eu,
What is the structure of the eu,
What is the european commission
24  cards
Civil Courts and Appeals
What is civil law,
What is the aim of civil law,
What does the court award in civi...
58  cards
What is adr,
Advantages of negotiation
11  cards
Criminal Courts and Appeals
What do criminal law deal with,
Who will usually bring an action ...,
Criminal justice follows adversar...
119  cards
Magistrates and Juries
0  cards
Solicitors, Barristers and Legal Executives
0  cards
Crown court,
Protection of the public
34  cards
The Judiciary and Separation of Powers
What is the judiciary,
Who is lord chief justice,
What are their key responsibilities
27  cards
Advice and Representation
What are the three main difficult...,
Lack of knowledge,
89  cards
Elements of a Crime
What is actus reus,
What is voluntary nature case too,
What is state of affairs crimes c...
46  cards
What is the definition,
What case established the definit...,
What is the actus reus
14  cards
What is the definition,
What case was the definition conf...,
What type of crime is it
12  cards
What is the definition,
What is abh under,
What level of injury is abh
19  cards
Malicious Wounding and GBH
Is malicious wounding and grievou...,
What section are these two under ...,
What is their joint vague definition
29  cards
What did the justices of the peac...,
What is a magistrate,
How many magistrates are there
24  cards
When were juries introduced,
What did bushell s case 1610 esta...,
Where are juries used
62  cards
What does the legal services act ...,
How many solicitors are there in ...,
Where do they work
31  cards
How many barristers are their in ...,
Where else can barristers work,
What are barristers referred to a...
24  cards
Legal Executives
Where do they work and what do th...,
Who are they governed by,
Qualifications wise who are legal...
19  cards
Introduction to the Law of Tort
0  cards
The Law of Negligence
What is tort,
What does the law of negligence a...,
What is the defendant who pays th...
114  cards
Occupiers Liability
What is it regarding,
What two statutes govern occupier...,
Where does basic liability arise
93  cards
Tribunals (ADR)
Where to tribunals operate,
Why were tribunals created,
Could the parties go to court
47  cards
Diminished Responsibility Year 13
Where does it come from,
What is the first part of the def...,
What are the 3 parts of the defin...
38  cards
Murder Year 13
What is homicide,
What are the different types of o...,
What type of offence is murder
31  cards
Loss of Control (Year 13)
What is the definition of loss of...,
What is the definition of loss of...,
Name a few ways that loss of cont...
27  cards
Unlawful Act Manslaughter (Involuntary Manslaughter) Year 13
What does unlawful act mean,
What does unlawful act mean,
Elaborate on the positive act
14  cards
Gross Negligence Manslaughter (Year 13)
What is a major case here and why...,
Where is the definition from,
What is a duty of care and what t...
21  cards

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