lc irish - ceapadóireacht

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Aiste phrases (Start)
The opposite is true,
Its a national problem but also a...,
Its widely believed that
5  cards
Aiste Phrases (Middle)
Matters are getting worse,
According to the latest statistics,
Its a disgrace
10  cards
Aiste Phrases (End)
If the politicians did their work...,
Finally i want to say,
The problem must be tackled immed...
5  cards
Chairman judges peers and audienc...,
After you have a good point to sa...,
The opposition will say that ____...
4  cards
Sport - Points
Freamh na bpointe,
Caimileireacht sna cluici oilimpe...,
An cumann luthchleas gael
5  cards
Spórt - Vocab
International peace,
To develop
26  cards
Spórt - Pointí
Cluichi oilimpeacha 1,
Cluichi oilimpeacha 2,
Cluichi oilimpeacha 3
12  cards
Poverty - Points
0  cards
Bochtanas - Vocab
0  cards
Bochtanas - Pointí
0  cards
Alcohol and drugs - Points
0  cards
Alcól agus Drugaí - Vocab
0  cards
Health System - Points
0  cards
Córas Sláinte - Vocab
0  cards
Córas Sláinte - Pointí
0  cards
The Environment - Points
0  cards
An Timpeallacht - Vocab
0  cards
An Timpeallacht - Pointí
0  cards
Crime and violence - Points
0  cards
Coiriúlacht agus foréigean - Vocab
0  cards
Coiriúlacht agus foréigean - Pointí
0  cards
Education system - Points
0  cards
An Córas Oideachais - Vocab
0  cards
An Córas Oideachas - Pointí
0  cards
New technology - Points
0  cards
An Nua Theicneolaíocht - Vocab
0  cards
An Nua Theicneolaíocht - Pointí
0  cards
Homeless - Points
0  cards
Daoine gan dídean - Vocab
0  cards
Daoine gan dídean - Pointí
0  cards

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