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Ecological Theory
Define the ecological theory life...,
Ecological concepts,
Define adaptedness
5  cards
Defense Mechanisms
What are defense mechanisms,
Enables person to split mental fu...,
Identifying with some idea or obj...
28  cards
Domestic Violence
Name the stages of the cycle of v...,
True or false social workers are ...,
True or false domestic violence c...
10  cards
Elder Abuse
Why are the elderly considered a ...,
What are some clinical considerat...,
T or f social workers are mandate...
6  cards
Substance Abuse
T or f the majority of people dia...,
What drugs are most addictive,
Why do individuals that are subst...
65  cards
Communication Theory
What is congruence,
Name the three assumptions of com...,
How can silence be used
18  cards
Assessment & Diagnosis
T or f psychotic symptoms indicat...,
Bipolar 1 major depression substa...,
Can schizophrenia be diagnosed wi...
55  cards
T or f cultural values play a lar...,
T or f native americans may avoid...,
Which ethnic group should be star...
25  cards
Social Work Managment And Admin
Describe the human relations theory,
Describe the scientific managemen...,
Name the two types of administrat...
18  cards
Community Organizing
Name the 2 p,
Define community organization,
T or f community organizing focus...
9  cards
Systems Theory
Describe systems theory,
What is a system,
______ are the main focuses of sy...
12  cards
Ego Psychology - Erickson
According to ego psychology how d...,
The ability to differentiate betw...,
The capacity to weigh consequence...
30  cards
Cognitive Development Theory - Piaget
What is the belief of cdt,
What is a schema,
10  cards
Physical and Motor Development
As a ______ the primary focus is ...,
At _____ months there is an incre...,
At _____ months there is an incre...
18  cards
Theory of Moral Development - Kohlberg
What does theory of moral develop...,
What are the three levels of mora...,
6  cards
Stages of Death and Dying - Kubler Ross
What are the stages of death dying
1  cards
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Hierarchy of needs,
What are some physiological needs,
7  cards
Object Relations - Mahler
What is the focus of object relat...,
During this stage the infant is s...,
When does an infant begins to und...
7  cards
T or f suicide is the 8th leading...,
T or f suicide is the 3rd leading...,
How much more likely are lgbtq yo...
17  cards
Group Work
1 installation of hope 2 universa...,
What is the goal of social work w...,
Name some types of groups
21  cards
Aricept donepezil namenda memanti...,
Intuniv guanfacine strattera atom...,
Saphris invega and fanapt are com...
42  cards
Describe generalist social work p...,
What is micro practice,
What is macro practice
29  cards
Social Role Theory
Describe role ambiguity,
Describe role conflict,
Describe role reversal
4  cards
Define transference,
Define countertransference,
A ____ is a systematic diagnostic...
17  cards
Describe evidenced based practices,
What are the steps of ebp,
Steps of research
12  cards
Ethics & Values
T or f when an ethical dilemma ar...,
What is the primary mission of th...,
Name the sw core ethics
23  cards
Therapeutic Relationship
T or f social workers can accept ...,
Describe the initial contact betw...,
Psychosocial assessment fact gath...
13  cards
Psychoanalytic Theory
Who is the founder of psychoanaly...,
T or f psychoanalytic theory stat...,
Of the id ego and superego which ...
16  cards
Psychosexual Stages of Development
_____ is the stage from 3 5,
_____ begins at puberty,
Genitals sources of pleasure duri...
21  cards
Individual Psychology
Who developed individual psychology,
In individual psychology the main...,
_______ refers to an attempt to s...
6  cards
Self Psychology
In self psychology what is the pr...,
How do children develop strong se...,
______ by caretakers result in a ...
8  cards
Attachment Theory
Attachment theory originated from...,
What did bowlby believe,
According to bowlby the critical ...
6  cards
Self Image
_____ is how a client defines him...,
______ refers to the extent to wh...,
Describe the pattern of self esteem
5  cards
HBSE Theories
In ______ theory clts try to adva...,
In _______ theory clts are ration...,
In _____ theory social reality is...
8  cards
Abuse & Neglect
Age of victim at time of abuse as...,
Immediately after disclosing the ...,
For children one of the most sign...
18  cards
Gathering information
The social workers purpose in gat...,
Interviewing includes both ______...,
A social work interview is design...
23  cards
T or f emotional trauma and psych...,
T or f all potential traumatic ev...,
T or f clts are more likely to be...
10  cards
What is the new name for mental r...,
What is used to determine a clts ...,
Speech sound disorder was previou...
53  cards
Treatment Planning & Therapeutic Relationship
What does a treatment plan specify,
T or f interventions are driven b...,
T or f sowk may stop giving servi...
5  cards
In this parenting style children ...,
In this parenting style parents a...,
T or f family systems theory sear...
11  cards

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