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Classical conditioning
What is classical conditioning,
What is the unconditioned stimulu...,
What is an unconditioned response...
11  cards
What are the aims of the study,
How were extraneous varibles cont...
2  cards
Operant conditioning
What is operant conditioning,
What is reinforcement,
What is positive reinforcement
9  cards
Operant conditioning: Reinforcement and bahviour modification
What is reinforcement schedule,
What is behaviour modification,
What is shaping
11  cards
Social Learning Theory
What is slt,
What is modelling,
What is observation
9  cards
Bandura- 1961
What are the aims of bandura s 19...,
What type of study was bandura s ...,
How many ppts were in bandura s 1...
13  cards
Bandura- 1963
What is the aim of bandura s 1963...,
What type of study was bandura s ...,
How many ppts were used in bandur...
9  cards
Bandura- 1965
What was the aim of bandura s 196...,
How many ppts were there in bandu...,
How old were the ppts in bandura ...
7  cards
Phobias: Learning theory explanations
What are learning theories,
What is acquisition,
What is maintenance
3  cards
Phobias: treatments based on learning theories
What is systematic desensitisation,
What is the anxiety hierarchy and...,
What type of relaxation activitie...
6  cards
Watson and Raynor
What is aim of wastson and rayner...,
Who was the ppt in wastson and ra...,
What was the dependent variable i...
14  cards
Capafons et al
What are the aims of capafons et ...,
What type of experiment was capaf...,
What was the independent varibale...
10  cards

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