lfb policy notes & fru (2020)

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Railway Procedures Section 1 (PN 316)
What is a toc,
There are 3 infraco s what do the...,
What does ssl stand for
41  cards
When the low cylinder pressure wa...
1  cards
Natural Gas and Carbon Monoxide (PN 804)
Name one by product of the natura...,
What does nts stand for,
The main pipelines that form the ...
30  cards
Immediate Emergency Care (5 Day IEC)
Which act of parliament establish...,
Capacity can be impaired by poor ...,
What does dnar stand for
137  cards
FRU Course - Hazardous Materials
What is a hazard,
What is risk,
A hazardous material can be defin...
101  cards
Firefighting In Basements (PN 773)
There are 15 hazards that you can...,
The ic must remain at surface lev...,
What 3 things should the ic consi...
25  cards
Water Rescue and Safety On Near Or In (PN 581) 20/20
How many metres should the restri...,
Level 1 is instigated when,
If water compromises ppe goes ove...
30  cards
Cylinder Procedure (PN 376)
How do you spell asettlene,
At a cylinder incident what is ou...,
Failure of a steel cylinder will ...
50  cards
High Rise Firefighting (PN 633)
How is a high rise building defined,
What are the 3 headings that haza...,
What do drm and wrm stand for
47  cards
Compartment Firefighting (PN 793)
Can you list 7 of the 9 hazards a...,
What should a firefighting jet co...,
When should a second jet be provi...
12  cards
Incidents Involving Electricity (PN 769)
What are the 4 electricity compan...,
Where are substations situated wi...,
What can be found on every electr...
47  cards
What constitutes a level 1 incident,
What is chemdata and where is it ...,
What does eac stand for
45  cards
Working on Roadways (PN 754)
What does rtc stand for,
What does the note state must rem...,
Why do incidents involving partia...
50  cards
Ops News 34
In addition to acid what other co...,
What ppe must be worn by crews,
How should a casualty be approach...
42  cards
FRU Course - Water Rescue Technician
What colour helmet denotes a wate...,
What is the clean line concept,
When would a rescue technician sh...
95  cards
BA Fire Behaviour Training (2 Day Refresher)
What make up the three sides of t...,
When opening a door during door p...,
The rb101 branch is the smaller f...
25  cards
FRU Course - Animal Rescue 2
What is the 1st golden rule of an...,
What legislative instrument cover...,
How long are the rescue strops
100  cards
Fires Involving Chimneys and Ducting (PN 834)
This is the definition of what a ...,
What services may be included wit...,
There are 10 hazards commonly enc...
12  cards
Ops News 35
Appliances parking directly outsi...,
What are the 4 listed considerati...,
It s recognised that it easier to...
32  cards
Collapsed Structures (PN 302)
There are 5 natural causes of col...,
There are 5 human causes of colla...,
What 2 classes may buildings be d...
25  cards
Sectorisation at Incidents (PN 434)
Sectorisation is central to manag...,
Is it necessary to sectorise ever...,
Complete the following statement
23  cards
Incidents Involving Solar Panels (PN 839)
There are 8 hazards listed in the...,
En route to an incident involving...,
At large commercial industrial or...
25  cards
Operational Use Of Aerial Appliances (PN 822)
To what 2 hazards does the 4m rul...,
When siting an aerial appliance w...,
Up to how many tons of water can ...
20  cards
Dynamic Risk Assessment (PN 342)
A dynamic risk assessment dra pro...,
What is the following statement k...,
A dynamic risk assessment dra pro...
15  cards
Incident Commander and Monitoring Officer (PN 431)
Who holds organisational responsi...,
Officers attending in a support s...,
The ic of an incident will be cle...
30  cards
Incidents involving Asbestos (PN 519)
In which decade did asbestos star...,
When are asbestos fibres a danger...,
When are asbestos fibres a danger...
26  cards
Tactical Withdrawl, Emergency Evacuation and Firefighter Emergency (PN 496)
What should the ic communicate to...,
How is tactical withdrawal define...,
Who can implement a tactical with...
22  cards
Fireworks and Explosives - Incidents and fires Involving Explosive Materials (PN 806)
Explosive hazards will be identif...,
What is the correct hazard zone i...,
What is the maximum storage of fi...
40  cards
Incidents Involving Waste, Recycling or Refuse Derived Fuel Handling and Storage (PN 838)
What are the 4 types of incident ...,
Which 3 flamable or explosive gas...,
There are 5 biohazards listed in ...
24  cards
Recording Decisions at Incidents (PN 828)
In what 2 circumstances does the ...,
What is this the definition of,
What is this the definition of
21  cards
Terrorist Related Incidents (PN 259)
Available on request
10  cards
CBRN(E) Initial Operational Response (IOR) (PN 891)
Questions for this policy note ar...,
Questions for this policy note ar...,
Questions for this policy note ar...
10  cards
LFB Interview 2020
What are lfb s 3 core behaviours,
What is our vision as stated in t...,
What are lfbs 4 strategic objectives
37  cards

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