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1- Company Officer- The Company Officer
The compay officer per,
The company officer s,
A new officer is challenged to le...
8  cards
2- Company Officer- Organizational Structure
The principle of _________ is com...,
_____ and _____ are terms that re...,
_______ personnel those who deliv...
19  cards
3- Company Officer- Leadership and Supervision
To become an effective leader com...,
A leadership style that provides ...,
A leadership style that solicits ...
31  cards
4- Company Officer- Human Resources Management
Company officers can use the foll...,
Performance evaluations may be __...,
The ________ is a us federal law ...
16  cards
5- Company Officer- Communication
Some characteristics of interpers...,
Interpersonal communication consi...,
What are the five general purpose...
30  cards
6- Company Officer- Administrative Functions
______ customers are employees an...,
______ customers are members of t...,
______ are statistical characteri...
27  cards
7- Company Officer- Occupational Safety, Health, and Wellness
The leading injuries among respon...,
Trauma asphyxiation cuts bruises ...,
Exposure to carcinogens and behav...
36  cards
8- Company Officer- Company-Level Training
Training is critical to safe effi...,
One of the most effective teachin...,
The ________ is basic to all teac...
19  cards
11- Company Officer- Delivery of Emergency Services
The _________ serves as the basis...,
The _______ emergency services pe...,
A ______ command structure is nec...
51  cards
1- Building Construction- Building Construction and the Fire Service
_______ engineering specialties i...,
_______ engineering specialties i...,
_______ engineering specialties i...
30  cards
2- Building Construction- Building Classifications and Structural Fire Resistance
Nfpa 220 details the requirements...,
Type ____ construction is classif...,
When it pertains to type i constr...
38  cards
3- Building Construction- Structural Design Features of Buildings
The forces within a structural su...,
When a structural support system ...,
The force of ______ is the most c...
52  cards
4- Building Construction- Building Systems
Most stairs provide a dual role a...,
Tread __ __riser __ _____ is the ...,
The components of prefabricated s...
49  cards
5- Building Construction- Interior Finishes and Passive Fire Resistance
____ _____ include the materials ...,
Interior finishes can include,
Interior finishes may be classifi...
27  cards
6- Building Construction- Foundations
A soil assessment will often be t...,
Two strategies used to assess soi...,
Test pits may reach a depth up to...
20  cards
7- Building Construction- Wood Construction
Dimensional lumber is available i...,
The standard tensile strength of ...,
After the tree is cut moisture be...
47  cards
8- Building Construction- Masonry and Ordinary Construction
The primary benefit of masonry co...,
Drawbacks of masonry construction...,
____ _____ ____ are the most comm...
26  cards
9- Building Construction- Steel Construction
The primary two metals alloyed in...,
Common structural steel has less ...,
Steel is relatively expensive but...
29  cards
10- Building Construction- Concrete Construction
_____ is the hardened form of cem...,
Like masonry concrete is strong i...,
Concrete bars are typically cast ...
22  cards
11- Building Construction- Roofs
Several fundamental safety points...,
From a fire fighting standpoint t...,
____ roofs are the easiest roofs ...
32  cards
12- Building Construction- Special Structures and Design Features
Model building codes define a hig...,
The fire protection definition of...,
Two developments that made high r...
35  cards
13- Building Construction- Buildings under Construction, Remodeling, Expansion, and Demolition
A ____ ____ is a temporary elevat...,
____ ____ are intended only to tr...,
Newer building codes require that...
7  cards
14- Building Construction- Non-Fire Building Collapse
If a building s use is changed ov...,
_____ can result when temporary l...,
The most dangerous time in a buil...
14  cards
3- Truck Company S&T- Firefighter Safety and Survival
In order of importance the three ...,
There are three key points to kee...,
The safe person element of the dy...
15  cards
5- Truck Company S&T- Ground Ladders
Many truck company activities inv...,
To perform ground ladder evolutio...,
Unless the situation dictates oth...
20  cards
9- Truck Company S&T- Access into Structures
Scientifically controlled fire te...,
The best way to force entry into ...,
While all of the standard forcibl...
35  cards
10- Truck Company S&T- Fireground Search and Rescue
The most common variables related...,
Firefighters conducting a search ...,
The two objectives of a building ...
24  cards
11- Truck Company S&T- Ventilation Size-Up
_____ _____ is a methodical thoug...,
Why is tactical ventilation perfo...,
Effective tactical ventilation of...
18  cards
12- Truck Company S&T- Horizontal Ventilation
______ ventilation remains the mo...,
_____ _____ that are supported by...,
Using a smoke ejector flexible du...
28  cards
13- Truck Company S&T- Vertical Ventilation
Before stepping onto any roof fir...,
Whenever firefighters are on a ro...,
If firefighters must walk the rid...
28  cards
14- Truck Company S&T- Special Ventilation Operations
As is true in other types of buil...,
____ ____ is the natural vertical...,
________ the tendency of heat smo...
14  cards
1- Initial Response S&T- Fire Dynamics
All fires involve a heat producin...,
______ are not combustible but wi...,
Energy is measured in joules j th...
65  cards
2- Initial Response S&T- Prefire Planning
_____ _____ is the process of gat...,
The first step in completing a su...,
A ____ ____ is a rough drawing of...
27  cards
3- Initial Response S&T- Managing the Incident
A an ____ ____ ____ includes the ...,
The steps of a decision making pr...,
Decision making is a dynamic proc...
16  cards
4- Initial Response S&T- Size-Up: Evaluation and Assessment
The size up process begins,
Prior to the arrival of fire pers...,
The facts of the situation are th...
51  cards
5- Initial Response S&T- Strategy
Risk lives to save ____risk tools...,
Defensive strategic operations ar...,
Ic s may conduct par to check on ...
9  cards
6- Initial Response S&T- Tactics
____ searches involve a systemati...,
____ searches use a systematic ap...,
____ ____ searches are used to co...
28  cards
Mass General Laws, Chapter 148
_____ refers to the board of fire...,
_____ refers to a combination of ...,
____ refers to an awning or any s...
92  cards
1- HazMat- Introduction to Hazardous Materials
The following are the main routes...,
Some chemicals may have multiple ...,
Methyl ethyl ketone mek benzene t...
17  cards
2- HazMat- Recognize and Identify the Presence of Hazmat
____ often equates to safety when...,
The order of the following clues ...,
The most common kind of hazmat in...
94  cards
3- HazMat- Initiate Protective Actions
Hazardous materials dangerous goo...,
The erg is primarily designed to ...,
The ____ pages of the erg provide...
24  cards
4- HazMat- Identify Potential Hazards
Be cautious and alert to vapors f...,
______ is the unit of measure typ...,
Solids such as dry ice may _____ ...
56  cards
5- HazMat- Identify Potential Hazards- Containers
There are four major types of con...,
Per nfpa definitions low pressure...,
Pressure containers can experienc...
70  cards
7- HazMat- Planning the Initial Response
An often overlooked preincident p...,
During hazmat size up the ic must...,
A level __ hazmat incident is wit...
13  cards
8- HazMat- Incident Command System and Action Plan Implementation
A ____ ____ structure controls ha...,
Applicable to any incident ics pr...,
Ics position titles are as follow...
50  cards
9- HazMat- Emergency Decontamination
Anything exiting the hot zone pas...,
Appropriate ___ and _____ are req...,
_____ decontamination refers to d...
7  cards
13- HazMat- Product Control
Operations level responders with ...,
The goal of leak control is,
Who performs most offensive leak ...
41  cards
14- HazMat- Victim Rescue and Recovery
Responders assess survivability a...,
Recovery operations are generally...,
Developing and implementing a suc...
21  cards
16- HazMat- Illicit Laboratory Incidents
A successful response to an illic...,
According to the dea and the atf ...,
According to the dea and the atf ...
23  cards

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