life & health insurance exam

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Chapter 1: General Insurance
Insurance companies known as insu...,
Insurance agencies,
Insurance producers
75  cards
Chapter 2: Life Basics
97  cards
Chapter 3: Types of Policies and Riders
Endow mature,
Face amount death benefit limit o...,
Cash value
59  cards
Chapter 4: Life Policy Provisions and Options
Payment of premium provisions,
Mode of premium,
Grace period
69  cards
Chapter 5: Annuities
Concept of an annuity,
Annuity characteristics,
51  cards
Chapter 6: Markets and Social Security
Group insurance market,
Group risk selection,
Characteristics of group insuranc...
33  cards
Chapter 7: Federal Tax Considerations and Retirement Plans
Cash values,
Cost recovery rule pertaining to ...
50  cards
Chapter 8: Health Basics
Accident and health insurance,
Accidental injury,
Accidental results
49  cards
Chapter 9: Medical Expense Plans and Concepts
Earned premium,
Unearned premium,
Service area
74  cards
Chapter 10: Disability Income
Disability income insurance,
Types of disability income insura...,
Disability income indemnity policy
57  cards
Chapter 11: Senior Needs
Secondary payor,
Primary payor
61  cards
Chapter 12: Individual Policy Provisions
Mandatory provisions,
Optional provisions,
Entire contract clause
62  cards
Chapter 13: Group Health Insurance
Characteristics of group insurance,
Types of eligible groups,
Multiple employer trusts mets
47  cards
Chapter 14: Health Insurance Concepts, Programs, and Tax Considerations
Patient protection and affordable...,
Health insurance marketplace,
Requirements for minimum essentia...
44  cards
State Laws
The term insurance producer does ...,
An insurance producer may qualify...,
144  cards

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life & health insurance exam

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