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Unit 1: General Insurance
What are the 2 types of risk,
What are speculative risks,
What are some examples of specula...
114  cards
Unit 2: Life/Health Insurance Underwriting
What is an underwriting,
Who is frequently referred to as ...,
What can be done if a produce fin...
37  cards
Unit 3: Basics Of Life Insurance
When the owner of a life insuranc...,
What is third party ownership,
To have a life insurance policy i...
47  cards
Unit 4: Types Of Life Insurance Policies
Term life insurance,
Level term life insurance,
Decreasing term life insurance
53  cards
Unit 5: Life Insurance Riders
What are life insurance riders,
What is the waiver of premium rider,
What is the disability waiver for...
23  cards
Unit 6: Life Insurance Policy Options
What are the different settlement...,
What happens if no settlement opt...,
What is the interest income only ...
27  cards
Unit 7: Life Insurance Policy Provisions
Free look,
Insuring clause,
Ownership rights
32  cards
Unit 8: Group Life Insurance
What is group life insurance,
What is the general eligibility r...,
What are the types of groups elig...
21  cards
Unit 9: Annuities
What are the 2 phases of an annuity,
What is the pay in parade of an a...,
What is the pay out phase of an a...
31  cards
Unit 10: Taxation Of Life Insurance Annuities
Are premiums paid for individual ...,
How is interest earned on life in...,
How are full surrenders taxed
23  cards
Unit 11: Retirement Plans
When are ira contributions tax de...,
What are some products that ira f...
17  cards
Unit 12: Introduction To Health Insurance
What are the 2 perils health insu...,
What is hospital medical expense ...,
What is disability income insurance
27  cards
Unit 13: Affordable Care Act
What is the aca also known as,
What are some aca health insuranc...,
What are some aca health insuranc...
29  cards
Unit 14 Part 1: Mandatory Health Insurance Policy Provisions
Entire contract changes,
Time limit on certain defenses in...,
Grace period
13  cards
Unit 14 Part 2: Optional Health Insurance Provisions
Change of occupation,
Misstatement of age,
Other insurance with this insurer
11  cards
Unit 14 Part 3
Right to examine free look,
Insuring clause,
Consideration clause
5  cards
Unit 15: Disability Income Insurance
What is disability,
Own occupation,
Any occupation
41  cards
Unit 16: Medical Expense Plans
What is fee for service,
What is prepaid,
What is a comprehensive medical e...
21  cards
Unit 17: Other Health Plans
What are health maintenance organ...,
What is a co pay,
What is the gatekeeper concept pr...
22  cards
Unit 18: Group Health Insurance
What is group health insurance,
What are the eligible groups for ...,
What criteria is included in a gr...
27  cards
Unit 19: Dental Insurance
What types of coverage are usuall...,
Choice of provider,
What are scheduled plans
13  cards
Unit 20: Medicare & Medicaid
Who does medicare pay a large por...,
How does one qualify for medicare,
Who is medicare funded by
36  cards
Unit 21: Long-Term Care (LTC)
What is medicare s ltc coverage,
What is medicaid s ltc coverage,
What is ltc insurance coverage
23  cards
Unit 22: Taxation Of Health Insurance
How are medical expense policies ...,
How are medical expense policies ...,
What are the 3 types of business ...
12  cards
Unit 23: NY Law, Rules, & Regulations Common To Life, Accident, & Health Insurance
Under ny law what is a producer,
What is home state,
What is what is an insurance agent
60  cards
Unit 24: NY Law, Rules, & Regulations Pertinent To Life Insurance Only
What provisions must be included ...,
What is the grace period provision,
What is the incontestability prov...
31  cards
Unit 25: NYS Law, Rules, & Regulations Pertinent To Accident & Health Insurance Only
Ny allows the opportunity to stay...,
What are some required provisions...,
What is the purpose of the coordi...
42  cards

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