life & health insurance - general & texas specific

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Life & Health Exam Questions
Which of the following is a state...,
Which of the following would qual...,
Which of the following is not the...
826  cards
Texas Life & Health Exam Questions
All of the following are true reg...,
Which of the following best descr...,
Who might receive dividends from ...
190  cards
Chapter 1: Completing the Application, Underwriting, and Delivering the Policy
______ is a transfer of risk of l...,
Insurance is the ______ of risk i...,
A n ______ is an agreement betwee...
99  cards
Chapter 2: Types of Life Policies
______ is temporary protection be...,
______ policies provide the great...,
Term insurance provides what is k...
127  cards
Chapter 3: Life Policy Riders, Provisions, Options, and Exclusions
______ define the characteristics...,
______ are added to a policy to m...,
______ offer insurers and insured...
141  cards
Chapter 4: Taxes, Retirement, and Other Insurance Concepts
______ contracts may be owned by ...,
______ allow someone living with ...,
While viatical settlements are no...
122  cards
Chapter 5: Field Underwriting Procedures
A n ______ must be issued to all ...,
The agent must take special care ...,
Every health insurance applicatio...
28  cards
Chapter 6: Types of Health Policies
Basic hospital surgical and medic...,
______ provide benefits for the c...,
______ policies cover hospital ro...
138  cards
Chapter 7: Health Policy Provisions, Clauses, and Riders
The ______ which was developed by...,
The ______ provision states that ...,
The ______ is the period of time ...
86  cards
Chapter 8: Social Insurance
______ is a federal medical expen...,
Recent green card holders permane...,
Medicare is administered by _____...
69  cards
Chapter 9: Other Health Insurance Concepts
If an individual health insurance...,
The affordable care act mandates ...,
In regard to insurance premiums _...
50  cards
Chapter 10: Texas Statutes and Rules Common to Life and Health Insurance
The term ______ includes any of t...,
The following acts when performed...,
The ______ or ______ is the compa...
143  cards
Chapter 11: Texas Statutes and Rules Pertinent to Life Insurance Only
Advertising must be ______ and no...,
The ______ whose policies are adv...,
Insurers marketing policies in te...
72  cards
Chapter 12: Texas Statutes and Rules Pertinent to Accident and Health Insurance Only
All individual and group health i...,
Notification to the insurer of ne...,
Policies in texas may not exclude...
69  cards
Chapter 13: Texas Statutes and Rules Pertinent to Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)
______ finance health care for th...,
Subscribers to a n ______ pay a f...,
In texas if the medically necessa...
38  cards

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life & health insurance - general & texas specific

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