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Ch.1 - Studying Development
What does psychosocial refer to,
What does cognitive development r...,
Normative age graded influences h...
14  cards
Ch.2 - Theories of Development
Erik erikson s psychosocial model...,
Why is behaviour learning theory ...,
What are some behavioural develop...
16  cards
Ch.3 - Bio Found., Genetics, Prenatal Dev & Birth
Gamates contain info on molecular...,
Genes form threads called,
Each kind of gamate contains how ...
18  cards
Ch.4 - Phys Dev and Functioning
What is a baby called for threat ...,
How much to babies average at birth,
Medical staff use growth charts t...
34  cards
Ch.5 - Phys Dev: Nutrition, Health & Illness
What age do infants move to solid...,
Western diets often fail to provi...,
Kwashiorkor is a a condition caus...
30  cards
Ch.6 - Motor Development
Cortical development appears in c...,
The cephalocaudal principle is,
The proximodistal principle is that
20  cards
Ch.7 - Sensation, Perception & Attention
How far can neonates see,
Neonates prefer to track ___ acro...,
Neonates have the moro reflex in ...
25  cards
Ch.8 - Cognitive Development
Accommodation is,
How many sensorimotor stages did ...,
Sensorimotor stage 1 is character...
26  cards
Ch.9 - Cog Dev: Mem and Info Processing
After habituation infants will pa...,
Working memory develops to a capa...,
Working memory develops to a capa...
10  cards
Ch.10 - Language Development
What are the two processes involv...,
Phonology is,
First words are usually
22  cards
Ch.11 - Self and Personality
Children develop cognitive compet...,
2 year olds display satisfaction ...,
By middle childhood self concept ...
30  cards
Ch.12 - Social Development: Family Influences
The most important in maintaining...,
Social development begins,
Who coined the ecological theory ...
21  cards
Ch.13 - Social Development: Peers and Others
Reciprocal socialisation is,
The most important social interac...,
More than ___ hours of care of in...
39  cards
Ch.14 - Gender and Sexuality
Gender roles are,
Gender typing is,
What are the two ways people gain...
16  cards
Ch.15 - Emotional Development
Affects are,
Moods are,
Regulation is
19  cards
Ch.16 - Moral Development
What are the three levels of kohl...,
When considering morality females...,
When considering morality females...
12  cards

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