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louisiana bar exam july 2023- created by maryclaire farrington

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Decks in this class (19)

1. Code I: Persons
Natural person,
Juridical person,
Valid marriage
144  cards
2. Code I: Community Property
Matrimonial regime,
Default matrimonial regime,
Matrimonial agreements form
54  cards
3. Code I: Property
Classification of property,
Public things,
Navigable waters
150  cards
4. Code II: Successions and Donations
Modes of inheritance,
Inheritance by transmission
139  cards
5. Code II: Trusts
Trust definition,
Formation of trust,
Revocability of trusts
101  cards
6. Code III: Liberative Prescription and Obligations
Liberative prescription,
Contractural freedom to modify pr...,
Renunciation of prescription
65  cards
7. Code III: Contracts
Nominate ks are governed by,
Bilateral contract
108  cards
8. Code III: Security Devices
Liberative prescription on a prom...,
Judicial mortgage,
158  cards
9. Code III: Sales and Leases
Warranty against redhibition reme...,
Good faith seller,
Warranty against redhibition
122  cards
10. Torts
Cause in fact causation,
Scope of risk foreseeability,
Scope of risk ease of association
204  cards
11. Torts Canned Answers
Intentional torts,
List of intentional torts,
Negligence duty risk intro
22  cards
15. LA Civ Pro- Timing
Motion to set aside dismissal bas...,
Motion to certify the class
71  cards
Time limit for plaintiff to serve...,
Declinatory exception of insuffic...,
Contradictory motion to dismiss f...
193  cards
20. BE: Mandate
Form requirements for mandate,
Equal dignities exception
18  cards
19. BE
Corporation formation,
Ultra vieres,
Corporation formation optional re...
139  cards
24. Constitutional Law
Establishment clause,
Establishment clause test,
Free exercise clause
123  cards
25. Criminal Law - Crimes
First degree murder,
Enumerated felonies for first deg...,
59  cards
26. Criminal Procedure and Evidence
Detention by officers,
Reasonable suspicion,
Warrantless vehicular search
115  cards
FJP Fixed
A federal court has 1331 jurisdic...,
Under the mottley well pleaded co...,
1331 cannot be invoked based upon
133  cards

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louisiana bar exam july 2023- created by maryclaire farrington

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