(lusuma) gastro-intestinal system

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S1) Purpose of the Gut
Label the following components of...,
Identify the 8 functions of the gut,
Which areas of the gi tract mecha...
26  cards
S2) Physiology of the Gut
Which three systems mechanisms co...,
Identify the two neurons in the a...,
Distinguish between the function ...
59  cards
S2-3) Development of the Gut
In the 4th week the embryo folds ...,
In the 4th week the embryo folds ...,
What is the gut tube
59  cards
S3) Anatomy of the Abdomen
State the structure and functions...,
State the structure and function ...,
State the structure and function ...
50  cards
S4) Salivation and swallowing
Identify 5 components of saliva,
In terms of osmolarity what sort ...,
Which ions are found in high conc...
26  cards
S4) Abdominal Wall and Hernias
What is a hernia,
A hernia contains 3 parts identif...,
What is the sac of a hernia
31  cards
S5) Function and Pathology of the Stomach
What do epithelial cells do in th...,
Identify 4 epithelial cells in th...,
Identify the muscle layers in the...
65  cards
S6) Chyme, Pancreas and Liver Secretions
Describe 3 properties of chyme,
Explain how hypertonic chyme exit...,
Duodenum secretes secretin and cc...
35  cards
S5) Anatomy for Dissection — Stomach, Duodenum, Pancreas
Identify the following on the sto...,
Identify the following on the sto...,
Identify the following on the sto...
41  cards
S6) Completing digestion/absorption
What is absorption,
Identify 3 carbohydrate monosacch...,
The goal of carbohydrate digestio...
36  cards
S7) Liver and Pancreatic Pathology
Describe the anatomical relations...,
Outline the transport and metabol...,
Identify 3 ways in which we can m...
50  cards
S7) Anatomy for Dissection — Liver, Jejunum, Ileum, Colon
Describe the anatomical position ...,
There are two surfaces of the liv...,
The diaphragmatic surface is the ...
53  cards
S8) Colon and Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Compare and contrast uc and cd in...,
What sort of epithelium is found ...,
State three functions of the larg...
22  cards
S8) Abdominal Catastrophes
What is an abdominal catastrophe,
What is referred pain,
What is somatic referred pain
58  cards
S9) Gastrointestinal Infections
Identify the 5 step clinical appr...,
Identify 3 major causes of infect...,
Which organisms are observed in s...
36  cards
S11) Gastrointestinal Cancers
What are the differentials for a ...,
In terms of upper gi cancers what...,
What are the red flags for dysphagia
41  cards
S11) Investigating the GI Tract
What are the 5 different imaging ...,
Why request an abdominal x ray,
What are the features of an axr
26  cards
Clinical Conditions
What is paralytic ileus,
What is peptic ulcer disease,
What is an epigastric hernia
36  cards

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(lusuma) gastro-intestinal system

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