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S1) Introduction to the Urinary System
What is the mass of the kidneys,
Describe the location of the kidneys,
Describe the relation of the uret...
26  cards
S1) Epithelial Transport
The movement of monosaccharides i...,
The movement of monosaccharides i...,
What are the 2 requirements for t...
19  cards
S1) Anatomy of the Urinary System
In terms of anatomical relationsh...,
At approximately what height woul...,
Identify the anatomical relations...
29  cards
S2) Development of Urinary System
What is the name of the first kid...,
What is the purpose of the pronep...,
What is the urogenital ridge
37  cards
S2) Measurement of Kidney Function, GFR and Clearance
How is kidney function measured,
What is gfr,
How is gfr determined
30  cards
S3) GFR and Glomerulus
Label the following blood vessels...,
Label the following structures in...,
Describe the anatomical course of...
53  cards
S4) Basic Renal Processes
Which ion is transport together w...,
How much sodium is reabsorbed in ...,
Sodium reabsorption varies with t...
47  cards
S4) Blood Pressure and The Kidney
What is the formula for calculati...,
What is the formula for calculati...,
Explain the 2 actions which allow...
30  cards
S5) Corticopapillary Gradient and Countercurrent Exchange
Outline the effect of water balan...,
What is the value for normal plas...,
Outline the 2 different mechanism...
36  cards
S6) Regulation of Ions
With reference to the co2 hco3 bu...,
Briefly describe how ph varies al...,
Hco3 is filtered at the glomerulu...
52  cards
S6) Diuretics
What is diuresis,
What is a diuretic,
When are diuretics used clinically
47  cards
S7) Neuronal Control of Micturition
What is micturition,
In 5 steps describe the basic pro...,
Identify 5 functions of the nervo...
43  cards
S7) Urinary Incontinence
What is urinary incontinence,
There are 4 types of urinary inco...,
What is stress urinary incontinence
21  cards
S8) Pathology of the Glomerulus
In terms of the pathology of the ...,
In terms of the pathology of the ...,
In terms of the pathology of the ...
31  cards
S8) Diabetes and Other Systemic Conditions Affecting the Kidney
Describe the structure of the glo...,
What is the commonest cause of es...,
Identify 5 pathological processes...
38  cards
S9) Signs and Symptoms of Renal Disease
The spectrum of kidney disease is...,
Identify 6 causes of kidney disease,
How does a patient with ckd prese...
39  cards
S9) Urinary Tract Infections
Identify and describe 4 causes of...,
Identify the different sites a c ...,
Identify the different sites d g ...
27  cards
S9) Infection in People with Renal Disease
Abnormalities of the urinary trac...,
When utis are observed in childre...,
Define and illustrate vesicourete...
26  cards
S10) Obstruction
How can haematuria be detected in...,
Provide a differential diagnosis ...,
What are the causes of haematuria
26  cards
S10) Acute Kidney Injury
What is acute kidney injury,
In terms of laboratory findings p...,
Define stage 1 aki in terms of se...
39  cards
S11) Urological Cancers
How does one assess haematuria,
What is the differential diagnosi...,
Describe the key components of th...
42  cards
S12) Chronic Kidney Disease
What is adult polycystic kidney d...,
What are the secondary complicati...,
Identify three other co morbiditi...
43  cards
Clinical Conditions
What is mixed urinary incontinence,
What is renalagenesis,
What is schistosomiasis
44  cards

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