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2.1.1 - Economic growth
What is economic growth,
What is gross domestic product gdp,
What does nominal gdp mean
22  cards
2.1.2 - Inflation
What is inflation,
What is deflation,
Name one problem of deflation
47  cards
2.1.3 - Employment and unemployment
What is unemployment,
What s the level of unemployment,
What s the tateb
28  cards
2.1.4 - Balance of payment
What is the balance of payments,
What is trade surplus balance of ...,
What is trade deficit balance of ...
22  cards
2.2.1 - The characteristics of aggregate demand
What is aggregate demand,
What are the components of aggreg...,
What s the formula for aggregate ...
12  cards
2.2.2 - Cosumption
What is aggregate demand,
What determines the level of cons...,
What is the wealth effect
15  cards
2.2.3 - Investment
What is the formula for aggregate...,
What are the main factors influen...,
What are animal spirits
18  cards
2.2.4 - Government expenditure
Is government spending is the lar...,
An increase in government spendin...,
A budget deficit is where governm...
29  cards
2.2.5 - Net trade (X-M)
What is an import,
What is an export,
What is the formula for ad
17  cards
2.3.1 - The characteristics of aggregate supply
What are the 4 factors of production,
Draw describe an ad curve,
What is ceteris paribus
11  cards
2.3.2 - Short run aggregate supply
What does short run mean,
What is the as curve definition,
Name 3 factors which affect sras
6  cards
2.3.3 - Long run aggregate supply
Aggregate demand is the total amo...,
What does the classical view of l...,
What does the keynesian view of l...
16  cards
2.4.1 - National income
What is the definition for the ci...,
What does it mean when the econom...,
What are the four factors of prod...
16  cards
2.4.2 Injections and withdrawals
What is an injection,
What are withdrawals,
Name some examples of injections ...
8  cards
2.4.3 - Equilibruim levels of real national output
What is macroeconomic equilibrium...,
What is the graph for keynesian l...,
Describe a lras curve for keynesi...
11  cards
2.4.4 - The multiplier
What jobs would be created if hs2...,
What is the link between aggregat...,
What is the definition of aggrega...
20  cards
2.5.1 - Causes of growth
What is economic growth,
What is real gdp,
What is aggregate demand
26  cards
2.5.2 - Output gaps
What is potential output,
What is an output gap,
When does a negative output occur
10  cards
2.5.3 - Trade (business) cycle
What s the definition of a trade ...,
What is productive capacity or po...,
What is gross domestic product gdp
20  cards
2.5.4 - The impact of economic growth
What is economic growth,
Name 2 benefits of growth,
Explain how increased living stan...
15  cards
2.6.1 - Possible macroeconomic objectives
What is the definition of economi...,
What is unemployment,
What is the definition of inflation
10  cards
2.6.2 - Demand-side policies
What s monetary policy,
What s the inflation target
2  cards
2.6.3 - Supply-side policies
What is a supply side policy,
What graph can you use to show th...,
What is a market based supply sid...
21  cards
2.6.4 - Conflicts and trade-offs between objectives and policies
0  cards
Index numbers
Name 2 reasons to use index numbers,
What is the base year,
What is the number for the base year
6  cards
4.1.1 - Globalisation
What s the definition of globalis...,
Name 2 conseuqnces of globalisation,
Name 2 causes of globalisation
16  cards
4.1.2 - Specialisation and trade
What s economic growth,
What is absolute advantage,
What s comparative advantage
15  cards
4.1.3 - Pattern of trade
What s absolute advantage,
What s comparative advantage,
What s an emerging economy
10  cards
4.1.4 - Terms of trade
What s terms of trade,
How do you calculate index numbers,
What will always be the value of ...
14  cards
4.1.5 - Trading blocs and the World Trade Organisation
0  cards
4.1.6 - Restrictions on free trade
What is protectionism,
Name 2 examples of protectionism ...,
Name 2 pros of protectionism
3  cards
4.1.7 - Balance of payments
What s the current account,
What is a current account deficit,
Name 2 ways to fix a current acco...
9  cards
4.1.8 - Exchange rates
What s an exchange rate,
What s a floating exchange rate,
What s a fixed exchange rate
25  cards
4.1.9 - Internation competitiveness
0  cards
4.2.1 - Absolute and Relative Poverty
0  cards
4.2.2 - Inequality
What s absolute poverty,
What s relative poverty,
Name one of the two measures of i...
4  cards

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