map 150- administrative medical office

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Chapter 21- The Health Record
Medical record,
96  cards
Chapter 22- Telephone Techniques Techniques
Active listening,
19  cards
Chapter 23- Scheduling & Reception
Patient s arrive 1st thing,
Phone etiquette situation,
Hipaa violation at front work
21  cards
Test #1:
The proccess of confirming health...,
What type of appt allows for flex...,
What is it called when a provider...
49  cards
Chapter 24- Technology
Which organization established th...,
A n _______________ is any periph...,
Flash drives and jump drives belo...
99  cards
Chapter 25- Written Communication
Fax protocols,
Termination letter,
What is the proper email etiquette
17  cards
Chapter 26- Daily Operations & Safety
What do you do when you come into...,
Who is the,
What describes e prescribing
26  cards
Chapter 27- Health Insurance Basics
Health insurance lesson which ind...,
What do all government sponsored ...,
A 40 year old retiree of the arme...
153  cards
Chapter 28- Diagnostic Coding Basics
Diagnostic coding,
Who is responsible
36  cards
Test #3:
0  cards
Chapter 29- Procedural Coding Basics
Lesson 1 which statements describ...,
How is the subsection within the ...,
In which order are the codes with...
38  cards
Chapter 30-
1  cards
Test #4:
___ are used to help measure perf...,
A ____ is used in the alphabetica...,
39  cards
Chapter 31- Accounts, Collections, Banking
Which term represents the person ...,
How is a discount applied on a pt...
103  cards
Sim Chart-
Post operative appointments shoul...,
In _____ scheduling pt are given ...,
True or false a clustering appt t...
88  cards
Tapeworm infestation,
Baker s cyst,
Chronic renal insufficiency
5  cards

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map 150- administrative medical office

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