maternal newborn

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What is the 1st action a nurse do...,
How often should infants breastfeed,
What is the purpose of betamethasone
13  cards
ATI CH 1 (contraception)
What is the definition of coitus ...,
What is the definition of the cal...,
How is the start of the fertile p...
29  cards
What are fertility assessments of...,
What are infertility assessments ...,
What are infertility diagnostic p...
10  cards
CH 3 Changes During Pregnancy
What are presumptive signs of pre...,
What are probable signs of pregnancy,
What are signs of pregnancy
19  cards
CH 4 Prenatal Care
How often are prenatal visits sch...,
How soon can fhr be heard,
When should the fundal height be ...
11  cards
CH 5 Nutrition During Pregnancy
How much weight should a person g...,
How much weight should a woman ga...,
How much is overweight woman vs o...
15  cards
CH 6 Assessment Of Fetal Well Being
What does an ultrasound allow for,
What are the 3 types of ultrasounds,
What is a external transvaginal u...
51  cards
CH 7 Bleeding During Pregnancy
What are signs and symptoms of a ...,
What are signs and symptoms of a ...,
What is the main cause of bleedin...
34  cards
CH 8 Infections
What is a med for hiv,
When should retrovir be administered,
What are torch infections
34  cards
What med should be administered p...,
What is hyperemisis gravidarum,
What are risk factors for hyperem...
17  cards
CH 24 Nursing Care Of Newborns
What is pku,
What is considered bradypnea in a...,
How often should newborn vital si...
24  cards
CH 23 Newborn Assessment
What weight class must a newborn ...,
What are normal systolic ranges f...,
What are normal diastolic ranges ...
15  cards
CH 25
How much weight should the newbor...,
How often should breastfeeding oc...,
What is colostrum
17  cards
Maternal Newborn Lab
What is true of the breasts of th...,
What is true of the uterus in the...,
How should the uterus feel on a p...
24  cards
Thorpe final exam
What breast cancer screening meas...,
Do brcai 1 and brcai 2 increase,
What characteristics are consider...
82  cards
CH 26
How often do newborns typically s...,
During the first 6 months what do...,
When would a parent expect a newb...
18  cards
CH 27
What are objective manifestations...,
What are objective assessment fin...,
What are objective assessment fin...
16  cards
CH 10
What are subjective assessment fi...,
What are objective physical asses...
27  cards
CH 11 Labor And Delivery Processes
Immediately following rom what sh...,
What should be used by the nurse ...,
What are the 5 p s that affect an...
11  cards
CH 12 Pain Mgmt
What is sacral counter pressure,
Sedatives barbiturates such as se...,
What are adverse effects of sedat...
15  cards
Ch 13 Fetal Assessment During Labor
In vertex position where is pmi l...,
In breech presentation where is p...,
How are external fetal monitors used
11  cards
Thorpe 2nd Exam
What is misoprostol,
What is carboprost tromethanine,
What is methergine
3  cards
What s the wbc count for newborns,
What normal hct levels for a newborn,
What s the normal blood glucose f...
29  cards
Pediatric Class
What is growth,
What is development,
What growth pattern do infants fo...
58  cards
Pedriatric Exam
What should a 8 month be able to do,
When does a infant develop object...,
What is true of diabetes 1
56  cards
Newborn And Pediatric Final
What is the most common form of c...,
What age group does croup affect,
What are the most common causes o...
87  cards

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