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Maternal medicine
What is the maternal respiratory ...,
What is the maternal cardiovascul...,
What is the maternal gi changes i...
103  cards
Fetal medicine
Define small for gestational age ...,
What is the classification of iugr,
Compare sga and iugr in history t...
40  cards
Disorders of early pregnancy
Definition of miscarriage,
Definition of stillbirth,
Defintion of pregnancy of unknown...
79  cards
Antenatal care
What is the time line of assessme...,
What is the time line of assessme...,
What are the tests during antenat...
51  cards
Perinatal/intrapartum care
What are the different pelvic dia...,
What are the different shapes of ...,
What are the different presentati...
103  cards
Postnatal care
Define post partum hemorrhage,
Define primary pph vs secondary pph,
What are the causes of pph 4ts
40  cards
General gynaecology
What is the frequency of menstrua...,
What is the normal range of menar...,
Define frequent periods infrequen...
142  cards
Gynecological oncology
What is the histology of partial ...,
What is the follow up for gtd aft...,
What is the classification of end...
125  cards
Define anterior compartment prolapse,
Define posterior compartment prol...,
Define apical compartment prolapse
33  cards
Reproductive medicine
Define infertility,
Define primary infertilityseconda...,
What are the male and female gene...
37  cards
Analgesia & Anesthesia for Obstetric Patients - Dr. F Lui
Online Videos / Web-based Learning Modules
47  cards
Antenatal Care: Objectives, Theories and Practice - Dr. M Cheng
Objectives of antenatal care,
What problems do we screen for in...,
Screening in antenatal care histo...
6  cards
Antenatal Examination
Objectives of antenatal care,
What tests should we perform for ...,
What must we bear in mind if urin...
14  cards
Breastfeeding Tutorial
When should we initiate breastfee...,
Why should mother breastfeed excl...,
What are the policies implemented...
33  cards
Gynaecological Emergencies
What is the clinical criteria for...,
Fever history,
Bleeding hx taking
33  cards
Analgesia and anesthesia for obstretic cases
What is the method to improve blo...,
What is indicated in pregnancy fo...,
What is the origin of labor pain ...
8  cards
Principles of operative delivery and C-section
What are the,
If we want to deliver baby before...,
What is a episiotomy indications ...
34  cards
Perinatal meeting
What is the staging and prognosti...,
Outline the multi organ involveme...,
What are the types of deceleratio...
23  cards
Gynaecological Examination
How would you explain a gynaecolo...,
Systematic general examination
9  cards
Paediatrics: Physical Exam of Newborn
Examination special features of t...,
Aims of newborn examination,
Examination general observation
28  cards
Use of Ultrasounography in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Pros and cons of abdominal ultras...,
Pros and cons of vaginal rectal u...,
Abdominal ultrasound orientation ...
28  cards
Paediatrics: growth disturbance and prematurity
What are the periods of neonatal ...,
What is gestational age what is n...,
What is sga lga and appropriate f...
22  cards
Definition of labor term preterm ...,
When is there risk of cpd cephalo...,
What may affect bloodflow to the ...
24  cards
Definition of amenorrhea,
Definition of primary amenorrhea ...,
What is secondary amenorrhea
19  cards
When does puerperium begin,
What happens to the genital tract...,
What are the constituents of loch...
34  cards
Case Discussion - Amenorrhea
Miss chan f 17doctor i haven t ha...,
Growth spurt at 14no cyclical abd...,
Bp 120 70 pulse 70 min urinalysis...
32  cards
Common Instruments in Gynaecology
What is this,
What is this,
What is this
10  cards
Introduction to Colposcopy
What is a colposcope,
Importance of colposcopy,
15  cards
Preterm Labour and Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes
Hx taking,
Physical examination general exam...,
Physical examination abdominal ex...
24  cards
Postnatal Mood Problems
Ve feelings in puerperium,
Ve feelings in puerperium,
When do postnatal blues typically...
18  cards
Antenatal screening and prenatal diagnosis of thalassaemia
Mother s hb is 115 what could thi...,
Will foetus be affected if one of...,
Will the foetus be affected if bo...
5  cards
Female urinary incontinence and urodynamics
Indications of multichannel filli...,
What should be done before cystom...,
During cystometry the bladder sho...
15  cards
Postmenopausal vaginal bleeding
What are the possible causes of pmb,
Important points to enquire in hx...,
Important signs to look out for i...
8  cards
Prenatal screening for Down syndrome
When is tier 1 screening done,
What is done in the 1st trimester...,
What is done in 2nd trimester scr...
8  cards
A woman with oligoamenorrhoea
Hx taking for oligoamenorrhoea,
After taking hx what will be the ...,
What is used to describe assess s...
11  cards
Molar Pregnancy - Gestational Trophoblastic Disease
What are gestational trophoblasti...,
What are the pre malignant gestat...,
What are the malignant gestationa...
21  cards
Obstetrics Past Paper (MCQ)
Adrian Lui
10  cards
Antenatal corticosteroid for metal lung maturation
Under what conditions are pregnan...,
What are some causes of intrauter...,
Define iugr
13  cards
Cervical Cancer Tutorial
What is the commonest cancer in o g,
Trend in cervical cancer,
How to detect hpv
26  cards
Antepartum haemorrhage
If there is antepartum hemorrhage...,
What are the 4 most common causes...,
What are less common causes of an...
17  cards
CA Corpus
Increasing rate but mortality has...,
Presenting symptoms,
Mrs chan 55 y o compained of one ...
21  cards
Fetal Growth Disturbances & Prematurity
What is sga,
Major differences between preterm...
64  cards
OGCO-C1.2 Screening for gestational diabetes mellitus
What is the genereal mx for preex...,
How to make a dx of dm in pregnan...,
What are the indications for earl...
8  cards
OGCO-C1.4 Proteinuria and hypertension
Define proteinuria in pregnancy,
Define gestational hypertension,
Define severe hypertension
16  cards
OGCO-C1.5 Low dose aspirin for prevention of pre-eclampsia
What are considered high risk fac...,
When should lda 100mcg nocte be g...,
What is mx for women with confirm...
4  cards
OGCO-C1.6 Herpes simplex viral infection in pregnancy
When is the risk of neonatal herp...,
What is mx of pregnant women with...,
What is mode of delivery of 3rd t...
7  cards
OGCO-C1.7 Rubella in pregnancy
What is the typical presentation ...,
What is the mx algorithm for wome...,
If there is maternal rubella infe...
5  cards
OGCO-C1.8 Chickenpox and shingles in pregnancy
What is antenatal history screeni...,
What are the clinical features of...,
What is mx for women with non imm...
11  cards
OGCO-C2.1 Antepartum monitoring
What are the features included in...,
Define early deceleration late de...,
Based on classification of ctg fi...
5  cards
OGCO-C2.2 Management of non cephalic presentation in a singleton pregnancy at term
When will breech presentation be ...,
How are women diagnosed with tran...,
What is the mx of unstable lie th...
8  cards
OGCO-C2.3 Universal antenatal screening for HIV and HIV infection in pregnancy
What is the antepartum mx of hiv ...,
What is the intrapartum mx of hiv...,
What is mx of hiv pregnant women ...
6  cards
OGCO-C2.4 Fetal movement count
When should pregnant mother be ca...,
What is the mx for decreased feta...
2  cards
OGCO-C2.5 Investigation and management of stillbirth
Define stillbirth in hkhow to mak...,
What are ix before delivery for s...,
What are ix at delivery for still...
6  cards
OGCO-C2.6 Management of iron deficiency anemia in pregnancy
Define anemia in 1st trimester fr...,
What is mx of iron deficiency anemia,
What are the indications for iv iron
9  cards
OGCO-C2.7 Prevention of Rhesus sensitisation in Obstretics and Gynaecology
What is the ix done for rhesus se...,
What is the timing for screening ...,
If women has no anti d antibodies...
9  cards
OGCO-C2.10 Magnesium sulphate for fetal neuroprotection
What are the indicatiosn for magn...,
What are the contraindications fo...,
What to do with mgso4 admin if se...
6  cards
OGCO-C2.9 Tocolytic therapy in premature labor
When is suppression of labor not ...,
What is the aim of tocolytics,
What are the 3 main forms of toco...
11  cards
OGCO-C2.11 Use of IVIG in obstetrics for fetal and neonatal conditions
Indications of ivig in obstretics...,
Contraindications to ivig
2  cards
OGCO-C3.1 Analgesia and Anaesthetics for Obstretic patients
What are non pharmacological pain...,
What are analgesics methods inclu...,
What past history and present pre...
6  cards
OGCO-C3.2 Cephalo-pelvic disproportion
What are signs of obstructed labor,
What is mx of cephalo pelvic disp...
2  cards
OGCO-C3.3 Management of labor
When is the vaginal exam done to ...,
How to avoid lacerationimmediate ...,
When is posterior lateral episiot...
5  cards
OGCO-C3.5 Induction of labor
What are 2 factors that decide me...,
When induction of labor offered f...,
If women does not induction of la...
16  cards
OGCO-C3.4 Intrapartum monitoring
What is the fhr monitoring rate d...,
What are the indications for cont...,
How to classify normal suspicious...
9  cards
OGCO-C3.6 Preterm pre labour rupture of membranes
What are the ix and management of...,
What is the mx of pprom 34 weeks ...,
What is the mx of pprom 34 weeks ...
6  cards
OGCO-C3.7 Prevention and management of PPH
What is the levels of pph severit...,
What is level 4 critical pph,
How to prevent pph which high ris...
17  cards
OGCO-C3.8 Massive transfusion protocol
Criteria for activation of the ma...,
Mx of mtp,
What are the optimization paramet...
5  cards
OGCO-C3.9 Prevention of early onset Group B streptococcal (GBS) disease in the newborns
When is routine screening for ant...,
When should routine gbs screening...,
Who is indicated for intrapartum ...
7  cards
OGCO-C3.10 Prophylactic antibiotics for delivery
C section prophylactic antibiotic...
1  cards
OGCO-C3.11 Shoulder dystocia
Factors associated with shoulder ...,
How to recgonize early shoulder d...,
What is the mx of shoulder dystocia
3  cards
OGCO-C3.13 Thromboprophylaxis for Caesarean section
What are intermediate and high ri...
1  cards
OGCO-C4.1 Obstretic anal sphincter injury (OASIS)
What are rf to oasis what must be...,
What are the different degrees of...,
What is the mx for oasis
5  cards
OGCO-C4.2 Persistent lochia
What is considered abnormal vagin...,
Common and rare causes of persist...,
What history taking and pe assess...
4  cards
OGCO-C4.3 Postpartum endometritis
What are features suggestive of p...,
Ix for suspected postpartum endom...,
Mx of postpartum endometritis
3  cards
OGCO-C4.4 Management of puerperium
What should be reported in daily ...,
What is the lactation advices,
What is the cause and mx for post...
4  cards
OGCO-C5.1 Initial counselling and management on Down syndrome, routine anomaly scan and thalassemia
When is down syndrome screening donw,
If ds screening test positive wha...,
When is routine anomaly scan done...
11  cards
OGCO-C5.2 Guidelines for referral of patients to prenatal diagnostic and counselling clinic (PDC)
Indications for referral chromoso...
1  cards
OGCO-C5.4 Guidelines for referral of women to high risks obstetrics team
Indications for referral to high ...
1  cards
OGCO-C5.5 Referral to maternal fetal medicine day clinic and fetal assessment service team (FAST)
Indications for referral to mfm a...
1  cards
OGCO neonatal resuscitation
What are routinely ordered for de...,
If baby admitted into scbu what s...,
When is breastfeeding initiated
18  cards
OGCO-E1 Colposcopy services
Management for below normal cytol...,
Management for below hsil,
Management for below asc h
6  cards
OGCO-E1 Staging of gynaecological malignancies
Staging of cervical cancer,
Staging of endometrial cancer,
How to distinguish endometrial ca...
18  cards
OGCO-E3.3 CA cervix
What is the initial workup for ce...,
For cervical cancer what are the ...,
For cervical cancer what are the ...
10  cards
OGCO-E3.4 CA endometrium
Staging of ca endometrium,
What is the ix for work up of ca ...,
What is the molecular analysis of...
9  cards
OGCO-E3.5 CA ovary
Http initial ix for suspected ova...,
What is the staging for ovarian c...,
What are the principles of primar...
12  cards
OGCO-E3.6 Gestational trophoblastic disease
How to make dx of post hydatidifo...,
What is the follow up of gtn,
What is the figo anatomical stagi...
5  cards
OGCO-E7 Guidance after incorrect use of combined oral contraception
What is guidance for late restart...,
What is guidance for 1 missed pil...,
What is guidance for 2 or more mi...
14  cards
OGCO-E8 Methods for mid trimester (14-24 weeks) termination of pregnancy
Methods for mid trimester 14 24 w...,
What are alternative methods for ...,
If there is significant vaginal b...
6  cards
OGCO-E9 Pre-operative cervical dilatation
Indications for preop cervical di...,
What are the methods of preop cer...,
What medical regimen for pre op c...
3  cards
OGCO-E10 Protocol for follow up of patients on hormonal replacement therapy
What is the follow up for hrt and...,
What are the indications for pres...,
Use of local vaginal estrogen for...
3  cards
OGCO-E11 Recommendations for the dx and treatment of a cute pelvic inflammatory disease
Clinical features suggestive of a...,
What are the suggested ix for pat...,
What antibiotics coverage is need...
6  cards
OGCO-E14 Antibiotic prophylaxis for surgery in general gynaecology
Antibiotic prophylaxis for suctio...,
Antibiotic prophylaxis for hyster...,
Antibiotic prophylaxis for open l...
3  cards
OGCO-E18 Protocal for initial management of patients on tamoxifen
Asymptomatic patient postmenopaus...,
For symptomatic patients on tamox...
2  cards
OGCO-E22 Management of suspected ectopic pregnancy
What is the flowchart for managem...,
How to monitor expectant manageme...,
What is the indications for medic...
6  cards
OGCO-E24 Management of 1st trimester miscarriage (<12 week)
Define threatened miscarriage,
Define silent miscarriage,
Define incomplete miscarriage
15  cards
OGCO-E25 Protocol for uterine artery embolisation for the treatment of symptomatic uterine fibroid
Patient selection criteria for ua...,
What is the patient exclusion cri...
2  cards
OGCO-E27 Management of endometrial hyperplasia
What is done at first dx of endom...,
What treatment options can be off...,
What is fu after initial tx for e...
9  cards
OGCO-E28 Thromboprophylaxis for surgery in general gynaecology
Who requires pharmacological anti...,
What are the rf for using thrombo...,
What are the contraindications to...
4  cards
OGCO-E29 Guidelines for patients management in general gynaecology clinics
What is the history taking for me...,
When is examination indicated for...,
What is done for exam of menstrua...
62  cards
OGCO Urogynaecology manual
Define urinary incontinence,
Define stress urinary incontinence,
Define urgency urinary incontinence
55  cards
OGCO-E33 Protocol for high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) for the treatment of symptomatic uterine fibroid and adenomyosis
Patient selection for hifu,
Indications for hifu in uterine f...,
Indications for hifu in adenomyosis
3  cards
OGCO- Recurrent pregnancy loss
Recurrent pregnancy loss is defin...,
Recommended ix for rpl,
Mx of women with antiphospholipid...
8  cards
OGCO- Management in reproductive endocrinology clinic
What is secondary amenorrhea olig...,
Investigations for secondary amen...,
What is the tx for secondary amen...
15  cards
Ovarian Cancer
When do most ovarian cancers present,
Gopc mrs wu 64 f complains of abd...,
Abdomen slightly distended what s...
22  cards
Obs dead station CCT
A woman with bicornuate uterus go...,
The mother comes at 37 week and t...,
33 yo woman at 38 week gestation ...
4  cards
Gyn dead station CCT
Complications of pelvic lymph nod...,
What is the moa of laparoscopic o...,
Name the instrument on figure 1 n...
29  cards
Paediatrics: Neonatal nutrition
Advantages of breastfeeding to ba...,
Disadvantages of breastfeeding milk,
10 steps to successful breastfeeding
31  cards
Paediatrics: neonatal jaundice and neonatal sepsis
What does the apgar score include...,
How to prevent gbs neonatal infec...,
What is the clinical presentation...
16  cards
Approach to the Newborn with Multiple Congenital Abnormalities (MCAs)
How common is it among live born ...,
What system do most of the major ...,
What are the different aetiologie...
91  cards

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