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Emergencies PACES
What news score is considered sig...,
How do you assess the airway,
How do you assess breathing
92  cards
Medicine PACES
List the cardiac causes of clubbing,
What causes the four heart sounds,
What murmur is caused by aortic s...
553  cards
Surgery PACES
List some different types of myoc...,
Which special test should you be ...,
List some complications of hernia...
553  cards
Pharmacology Mix
Most serious toxicity work sodium...,
Acute cellulitis of leg what bact...,
Antibiotic responsible for warfar...
77  cards
Prescribing Mix
What dose of statin is used for p...,
What dose of oral metronidazole i...,
What dose of omeprazole is used f...
128  cards
Pharmacology - Cardiology
43  cards
Pharmacology - Respiratory
Bronchodilatorsb agonists,
Bronchodilators muscarinic antago...,
12  cards
Pharmacology - Neurology
45  cards
Pharmacology - Gastroenterology
Magnesium trisilicate,
Aluminium hydroxide,
23  cards
Pharmacology - Endocrinology
Short acting gliclazide tolbutami...
29  cards
Pharmacology - Malignancy / Immunology
9  cards
Pharmacology - Musculoskeletal
13  cards
Pharmacology - Infection
Inhibitors of cell wall synthesis,
Inhibitors of nucleic acid synthesis,
Inhibitors of protein synthesis
51  cards
Pharmacology - Analgesia
10  cards
Emergency Care
What acid base imbalance does asp...,
Into which categories can shock b...,
How can cardiogenic septic and hy...
176  cards
Medicine - Cardiology
Recall 2 observations about a per...,
How would you describe the heart ...,
What is the difference in cause b...
204  cards
Medicine - Dermatology
How can you differentiate between...,
What is nikolsky s sign,
How should sjs or ten be managed
116  cards
Medicine - Endocrinology
What are the criteria for diagnos...,
What are the test ranges for impa...,
What is the classic triad of symp...
140  cards
Medicine - Gastroenterology
Describe and differentiate the sy...,
What is the name of the criteria ...,
Recall 2 typical histological fin...
182  cards
Medicine - Haematology
What tests should you order when ...,
What markers will be raised in ir...,
Differentiate the class of immuno...
35  cards
Medicine - Infectious disease
Which hepatitis viruses can be fa...,
What is the triad of symptoms see...,
Which type of hepatitis is associ...
67  cards
Medicine - Neurology
Recall some important initial inv...,
What is the cha2ds2vasc score use...,
What scoring system predicts stro...
215  cards
Medicine - Renal
What are the 2 main types of dial...,
What is required for haemodialysis,
What happens inside a haemodialys...
46  cards
Medicine - Respiratory
Why is it important to do an fbc ...,
What is the gold standard test fo...,
What are the indications for pres...
165  cards
Medicine - Rheumatology
Recall 5 indications for mri to i...,
What sort of pain might radiofreq...,
Recall 2 groups of people who are...
170  cards
Medicine - Palliative
What is the most common side effe...,
What are the toxicities of cisplatin,
Which chemotherapy agent is assoc...
33  cards
Medicine - Oncology
2 types of radiotherapy
1  cards
Medicine - Ophthalmology
Recall the features of optic atrophy,
What are the 2 most common causes...,
Recall 4 red flags when assessing...
142  cards
Surgery - Breast
When in the life course is duct e...,
How should duct ectasia be managed,
What are the signs and symptoms o...
46  cards
Surgery - Colorectal
What is the 1st line of managemen...,
How many weeks does an anal fissu...,
What are the 1st and 2nd line man...
37  cards
Surgery - Ear, nose and throat
What is a normal result in pure t...,
What is the difference between sn...,
How can middle ear function be ev...
94  cards
Surgery - Orthopaedics
In the major haemorrhage protocol...,
In which major haemorrhage scenar...,
When examining a joint what 3 thi...
237  cards
Surgery - Urology
What is the best form of imaging ...,
Recall the 4 main types of kidney...,
Which type of kidney stone is ass...
86  cards
Surgery - Vascular
What is an aortic dissection,
What is the biggest rf for aortic...,
Recall 2 ways in which aortic dis...
74  cards
What is this,
What is this,
What are these what is the order ...
69  cards
Instruments (Extras)
41  cards
Study design
What is a prospective cohort study,
What is a retrospective cohort study,
What is a case control study
10  cards
Heart Murmurs
Mitral regurgitation,
Mitral valve prolapse barlow synd...,
Mitral stenosis
9  cards
Lucid interval,
Asthma exacerbation most likely t...,
17yo girl loses vision after seei...
766  cards

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