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Medicine - Cardiology
List 3 non modifiable risk factor...,
List some modifiable risk factors...,
Which medical co morbidities cont...
283  cards
Medicine - Endocrinology
What is cushing s syndrome,
What is cushing s disease,
Presentation of cushings syndrome...
184  cards
Medicine - Gastroenterology
What are the 3 stages of alcohol ...,
Is alcoholic hepatitis reversible,
What is the recommended alcohol c...
276  cards
Medicine - Respiratory
How can lung cancer be classified...,
2 types of non small cell lung ca...,
Which type of lung cancer can giv...
268  cards
Medicine - Infectious Diseases
Which classes of antibiotic have ...,
Stepwise approach to picking abx ...,
Pathophysiology of sepsis
23  cards
Medicine - Haematology
Define anaemia,
Tails causes of microcytic anaemia,
3as and 2hs causes of normocytic ...
185  cards
Medicine - Rheumatology
Risk factors for oa,
Loss xr changes seen in oa,
Presentation of oa
173  cards
Medicine - Renal
What is an acute kidney injury ak...,
Nice criteria to diagnose an aki,
What is normal urine output
136  cards
Medicine - Neurology
Define a tia,
What is a crescendo tia,
Features of stroke
133  cards
Medicine - Ophthalmology
Causes of optic neuritis,
Features of optic neuritis,
Management of optic neuritis how ...
93  cards
Medicine - Dermatology
Presentation of acne rosacea,
How can acne rosacea affect the eyes,
Management of acne rosacea
49  cards
Surgery - General Surgery
Define a fistula,
What does a mercedes benz scar on...,
What does a hockey stick scar ind...
259  cards
Surgery - Urology
Describe vesicoureteral reflux vu...,
Where is the obstruction in an up...,
Presentation of upper obstructive...
30  cards
Surgery - Vascular Surgery
How can peripheral arterial disea...,
Describe intermittent claudicatio...,
Describe the nature of the pain f...
126  cards
Surgery - Cardiothoracics
0  cards
Surgery - Breast Surgery
How is breast cancer diagnosed ex...,
Presentation of breast cancer,
Describe characteristics of a bre...
140  cards
Surgery - ENT
What is the role of semicircular ...,
What is the eustachian tube what ...,
Role of the cochlea
249  cards
Surgery - Orthopaedics
Risk factors for oa,
Which joints are commonly affecte...,
Loss x ray changes seen in oa
148  cards
Surgery - Anaesthetics
What are the 2 types of anaesthesia,
What is true nbm pre operatively,
Which medications can be offered ...
61  cards
What are the three fetal shunts,
How can you keep the ductus arter...,
What are features of an innocent ...
318  cards
Obstetrics and Gynaecology 1
What is a miscarriage,
What is an early vs late miscarriage,
What percentage of pregnancies en...
466  cards
Obstetrics and Gynaecology 2
What is the bacteria that causes ...,
What type of bacteria is chlamydi...,
How is chlamydia transmitted
417  cards
exam mix
Rf for gdm,
Screening for gdm,
Gdm plasma glucose 7 management
269  cards
Y4 zero to finals mix
Gram positive cocci,
Gram positive rods,
Gram positive anaerobes
500  cards
Y4 zero to finals mix 2
Ph bacterial vaginosis and tricho...,
Ph candidiasis,
Candidiasis diagnosis
492  cards
Y4 Zero to finals mix 3
Scarlet fever symptoms,
Impetigo school
102  cards
List 3 non modifiable risk factor...,
List some modifiable risk factors...,
Which medical co morbidities cont...
283  cards

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