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Principles of Pharmacology
What is 1st order elimination,
What is zero order elimination,
What is the only widely used stem...
10  cards
Pharmokinetics I
What is pharmokinetics,
What is adme,
What is the minimum effective con...
25  cards
Pharmokinetics II
Can the loading dose change the t...,
What is the loading dose,
What is the primary determinant o...
21  cards
Clinical Pharmokinetics
Where are most drugs absorbed,
Where do lipophilic drugs tend to...
15  cards
Drug Metabolism
What is the function of inactivation,
Where does drug metabolism primar...,
Where does drug elimination prima...
20  cards
What is pharmacogenomics,
In the normal curve what groups a...,
In the normal curve what groups a...
23  cards
Drug Toxicity
What are on target effects,
What is an example of on target e...,
What is an example of how duratio...
32  cards
Pharmodynamics I
What is the difference between bi...,
What kind of relationship is ther...,
What relationship is there betwee...
33  cards
Pharodynamics II
What is the response to a drug de...
22  cards
Drug Transporters
What happens when there is a decr...,
What happens where there is an in...,
What happens when there is an inh...
45  cards
Drug Discovery and Clinical Trials
Drug discovery,
Pre clinical development,
Clinical development
27  cards
Synaptic Transmission
What are the monoamine nts,
What are the 5 steps in neurotran...,
How can drugs target nt synthesis
51  cards
Adrenergic Receptors
What do preganglionic sympathetic...,
What do preganglionic parasympath...,
What is the craniosacral division...
39  cards
Adrenergic Agonists
What are some of the effects of a...,
What are some of the effects of a...,
What are some of the effects of b...
73  cards
Adrenergic Antagonists
What are the types of adrenergic ...,
What are the non selective blockers,
What are the effects of propranol...
28  cards
Cholinergic Agonists and Antagonists
What are the functions of the m1 ...,
What are the functions of the m2 ...,
What are the functions of the m3 ...
82  cards
Neuromuscular Relaxants
Where do neuromuscular relaxants act,
How do nm receptors trigger muscl...,
How do non depolarizing drugs fun...
53  cards
Dopamine and Serotonin
Sumatriptan target and function,
Sumatriptan indication,
Sumatriptan toxicity
56  cards
Opioid Analgesics
Receptor location and function,
Receptor location and function,
Receptor location and function
25  cards
Local Anesthetics
What is the general effect of all...,
What kinds of nerves are easiest ...,
What is the function of a nerves
38  cards
General Anesthetics
What are the characteristics of a...,
How does gaba cause ipsp,
What is the minimum alveolar conc...
27  cards
What are the general indication f...,
What are some of the aspirin spec...,
What is the general mechanism of ...
48  cards
Complementary and Alternative Medicine
What are the guidelines for the u...,
What are the endogenous opioid pe...,
What are the nts of low frequency...
7  cards
Introduction to Antibiotics
What is the most important thing ...,
What is the normal flora,
What can happen to the normal flo...
39  cards
What is the shared structure of p...,
What is modified in penicillins t...,
What is the mechanism of action o...
59  cards
Cell Wall Inhibitors
Are lactams bactericidal or bacte...,
What is the mechanism of action o...,
What is the generic structure of ...
47  cards
Gram Positive Antibiotics
What are the glycopeptides,
What is the moa of vancomycin,
What is the pharmokinetic activit...
38  cards
What is the mechanism of action o...,
What are the mechanisms of resist...,
Gentamycin spectrum
20  cards
Miscellaneous Antibiotics
What is the moa of tetracyclines,
How does resistance to tetracycli...,
What are the pharmokinetics of te...
59  cards
What is the moa of fluoroquinolone,
What is the main enzyme targeted ...,
What is the main enzyme targeted ...
38  cards
Protein Synthesis Inhibitors
What is the moa of clindamycin,
What are the pks of clindamycin,
What are the mor to clindamycin
51  cards
Heparin Anticoagulants I
Where is heparin found,
Is heparin acidic or basic,
What is the structure of heparin ...
60  cards
Heparin Anticoagulants II
What are the main uses of the ora...,
What is the main oral anticoagulant,
What are the targets for warfarin...
38  cards
Antiplatelet Drugs
What are the release products of ...,
What are the release products of ...,
Is primary aggregation reversible...
51  cards
Thrombolytic Agents
What are the activators of the fi...,
What are the inhibitors of the fi...,
What is plasminogen
36  cards
Hyperlipidemia Drugs
What are the normal levels of ldl,
What are the normal levels of hdl,
What are the normal levels of tri...
72  cards
Pharmacology of NO
How is no generated endogenously,
What is no also known as,
What is the main endogenous sourc...
48  cards
Pharmacology of Vasoactive Peptides
What are the 2 functions of angio...,
What is ace also known as,
What are 2 drugs that are known a...
52  cards
What is the main function of diur...,
How can edema develop from nacl i...,
What is the na k atpase
99  cards
Anti-Arrhythmia Agents
What are the 5 phases of the card...,
Ion movements phase 0,
Ion movements phase 1
80  cards
Anti-Hypertensive Agents
What is the pre hypertensive state,
What is stage i htn,
What is stage ii htn
78  cards
Anti-Anginal Drugs
How are oxygen demand and supply ...,
When does coronary blood flow occur,
What are factors that contribute ...
39  cards
Treatment of CHF
What are the common causes of acu...,
What are common causes of chronic...,
What is the most common cause of ...
38  cards
Pharmacology of Anemia
Where is most of the iron in the ...,
What form of iron is absorbed,
42  cards
Immunomodulation Therapy
What are the main uses of immunos...,
Hyperacute rejection,
Acute rejection
74  cards
Anti-Mycobacterial Therapy
What is the general idea in drug ...,
Isoniazid hcl moa,
Isoniazid hcl resistance mechanisms
39  cards
Anti-Fungal Agents
What has the broadest spectrum of...,
Amphotericin b roa,
What is amphotericin b standard o...
55  cards
Drugs for Allergy and Asthma
Beta 2 agonst moa,
Beta 2 agonist roa,
Beta 2 agonist clinical use
35  cards
Proton Pump Inhibitors
What is the roa of all the h2 ant...,
What are the signs of gerd,
Antacid moa
22  cards
Palliation of Constipation & Nausea/Vomiting
Fecal impaction,
What are some bulk laxatives,
Bulk laxatives moa
45  cards
Clinical Toxicology
Dose response relationship,
Anticholinesterase syndrome
8  cards
Anti-Parasitic Agents
Chloroquine moa,
Chloroquine se,
Mefloquine indications
38  cards
Bipolar Drugs
What drugs should not be used as ...,
What is a unique benefit of lithium,
What happens to li levels with di...
29  cards
Antidepressant Drugs
What is the paradox of antidepres...,
What is the action of mao inhibitors,
Mao a
42  cards
What are the sedatives that targe...,
Gaba a receptors,
Gaba b receptors
50  cards
Antipsychotic Drugs
What tract is the source of psych...,
What is thought to be the cause o...,
What about the medications used t...
38  cards
Drugs of Abuse
What are some of the criteria for...,
50  cards
Drugs for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Gout
What are some of the drugs used t...,
What are the disease modifying an...,
Hydroxychloroquine indication
66  cards
Hypothalamus and Pituitary
Where are the hormones of the pos...,
What pathway do gh and prolactin ...,
What pathway does lh fsh tsh and ...
30  cards
Estrogen and Progesterone
What estrogen has the most estrog...,
What does lh target in females,
What does lh target in males
38  cards
What is the most potent androgen,
What are some actions of androgens,
What is the effect of androgens o...
18  cards
Diabetes Drugs
What is the ultimate result of t1...,
Polyuria polydipsia glucosuria un...,
Obesity fatigue polyuria and poly...
67  cards
Thyroid and Anti-thyroid Drugs
What thyroid hormone is formed in...,
What are the 3 main proteins that...,
What enzyme converts t4 to t3
40  cards
Calcium Metabolism
What interaction promotes osteocl...,
What is the function of calcitriol,
What is the function of endogenou...
43  cards
Adrenocorticoid Drugs
How do cortisol and other glucoco...,
What other activity does cortisol...,
What is the function of 11ss hsd2...
34  cards
Chemotherapy I Introduction
What is the general rule for clin...,
What is the 1 factor preventing c...,
What are the 3 basic stages of ca...
10  cards
Chemotherapy II Alkylating Agents
What is the action of alkylating ...,
What is required for cyclophospha...,
Cyclophosphamide indications
34  cards
Chemotherapy III Antitumor Agents
Doxorubicin moa,
Doxorubicin se,
Topoisomerase i
25  cards
Chemotherapy IV Anti-Metabolites
Methotrexate moa,
Methotrexate dose must be reduced...,
Cytarabine moa
25  cards
Chemotherapy V Miscellaneous Agents
What is the main target of target...,
Imatinib mesylate target,
What is imatinib mesylate most of...
26  cards
Chemotherapy VI Principles of Cancer Therapy
What is the most important factor...,
What is one of the most successfu...,
What chemotherapy agent is contra...
8  cards
HIV Therapy
Does art cure hiv,
What is the major target cell of hiv,
What is the normal cd4 t cell count
48  cards
Antiviral Drugs
What are some reasons for the low...,
Docosanol moa,
Acyclovir moa
26  cards
Dietary Supplements and Herbal Medications
What restriction does the dietary...,
What are dietary supplements cons...,
Is this an acceptable supplement ...
16  cards

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