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Glossary Page 1
Define action code,
Give an example of action code,
Define active audience
11  cards
Assassin's Creed III Liberation
Who developed ac3,
When was ac3 released alongside a...,
Originally the games was only rel...
48  cards
What long running bbc radio 4 s d...,
How often is lmwh broadcasted,
Who is the presenter and guests
36  cards
Glossary Page 2
Define audience interpretation,
Define audience positioning,
Define audience response
12  cards
Glossary Page 3
Define caption,
Define channel identity,
Define circulation
12  cards
Glossary Page 4
Define diegetic sound,
Define discourse,
Define distribution
10  cards
Tools Of Media
Define media language,
Define representation,
Define media industries
7  cards
I Daniel Blake
What type of film is idb,
Who directed idb,
Who gave funding for the uk frenc...
34  cards
Tide Print Advert
What was tide specifically design...,
When did procter gamble launch tide,
What position in america did does...
45  cards
Who produced kotv,
Who distributed kotv,
What was kotv intended to be
30  cards
Water Aid
When was water aid charity establ...,
Why was water aid established,
Who has been their patron and sin...
48  cards
Formation Music Video- Beyoncé
What album was formation the lead...,
What event was the album released...,
Who directed the music video that...
37  cards
Riptide- Vance Joy
What country is vance joy from,
Which record company is he signed...,
What genre is vances music
49  cards
Straight Outta Compton
What type of film is soc,
Who produced soc,
Who distributed soc
31  cards
Media Langauge Theorists
What is roland barthes theory called,
Summarise barthes theory,
What is steve neales theory called
10  cards
Representation Theorists
What is stuart halls theory called,
Summarise halls theory,
What is gauntlets theory called
14  cards
Audience Theorists
What is banduras theory called,
Summarise banduras theory,
What is gerbners theory called
13  cards
Media Industries
What is curran and seatons theory...,
Summarise curran and seatons theory,
What is livingstone and lunts the...
6  cards
Who was the co production between...,
Who distributed humans,
What is humans based on
85  cards
Apply baudrillards post modernism...,
Apply gauntlets identity theory,
Apply gerbners cultivation theory
40  cards
How is the best friend characteri...,
What 2 things is zoella presenting,
In anxiety the update blogpost wh...
21  cards
The Returned
How do you apply neales genre theory,
What do we expect from the zombie...,
How does it break zombie conventions
35  cards
What can you say about the layout...,
What can you say about the centra...,
What can you say about the mud li...
21  cards
Magazine Context for Adbusters & Woman
What is anchorage,
What are cover lines,
What is the feature
11  cards
Woman Magazine
On the fc what does the central i...,
On the fc what is the housestyle,
On the fc what are the visual codes
36  cards
Daily Mirror- American Election
What sort of newspaper is the dm,
When was the dm established,
Who is the dm aimed at
29  cards

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