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Media Studies Terminology
What is meant by an active audience,
What is meant by an advertising c...,
Define what is meant by afrofuturism
162  cards
Tide (Component 1)
What is the target audience forth...,
How did advertising towards women...,
What role did women play in indus...
23  cards
Kiss of the Vampire (Component 1)
What year was kiss of the vampire...,
What studio produced kiss of the ...,
What was the hays code
31  cards
Formation (Component 1)
What s the name of the album,
What year was formation relaesaed,
What us states were most affected...
30  cards
Seventeen Going Under (Component 1)
What genre is sgu,
What narrative structure is sgu,
What is the effect of a non linea...
17  cards
I, Daniel Blake (Component 1)
What is geodemographic marketing,
How did social media influence th...,
What kind of political director i...
45  cards
Black Panther (Component 1)
Who is in charge of film regulation,
Who was black panther released by...,
What is the mcu
30  cards
Video Games/Assassin's Creed (Component 1)
How much is the video game indust...,
Who regulates video games in the ...,
What genre is assassins creed val...
27  cards
The Mirror (Component 1)
What is the political bias of the...,
Which conglomerate owns the mirror,
What lead the mirror to diversify...
8  cards
The Times (Component 1)
What style of newspaper is the times,
What political perspective do the...,
What is the purpose of the masthead
4  cards
Super.Human (Tokyo 2020) (Component 1)
Who are represented in the superh...,
Positive negative or neutral repr...,
How does superhuman use verisimil...
6  cards
Radio- Have You Heard George's Podcast? (Component 1)
The episode entitled sabrina s bo...,
What platform is have you heard g...,
What was the american award that ...
13  cards
A Little Bit of Love (Component 1- 2022-2024 students only)
What is the genre of music video ...,
Who are the main target audience ...,
How is the representation of the ...
11  cards
Component 1 Theories
How does van zoonen believe gende...,
What does bell hooks consider fem...,
Stuart hall define hegemony
6  cards

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