medical examinations

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MSK Exams
Describe the order of the msk exam,
What are the screening questions ...,
How do you assess gait in an msk ...
47  cards
What clinical signs do you look f...,
What peripheral equipment objects...,
What is the order of the cv exam
68  cards
What are the key stages of the re...,
What are the clinical signs you a...,
What do different types of cough ...
44  cards
What clinical signs should you lo...,
Which hernias may be visible from...,
What is hyperpigmentation
91  cards
Neuro Upper Limb
What is the main purpose of a neu...,
How can you differentiate an uppe...,
Is pronator drift present in uppe...
70  cards
Neuro Lower Limb
How might a umn lesion affect ton...,
How do umn and lmn lesions affect...,
What are the key sections of the ...
34  cards
What are the key stages of the sh...,
What general clinical signs are y...,
What 6 things should you look for...
31  cards
History Taking
What order should you take a hist...,
What should you ask about in a ge...,
56  cards
Hand and Wrist Exam
What is the overall layout of the...,
What should you look for in the i...,
Which hand deformities are associ...
19  cards
What is the general layout of the...,
What do you look for in the gener...,
What is important to check when l...
45  cards
What is the overall format of the...,
How do you perform the inspection...,
What should you inspect for on th...
32  cards
Peripheral Vascular
What is a good way to remember wh...,
What should you inspect for in th...,
What do trophic changes include i...
26  cards
Cranial Nerves
What bloods should be sent for a ...,
What is the order of the cranial ...,
What tools do you need for the cr...
68  cards
Depression Hx
What should you be careful of whe...,
How do you open the consultation ...,
How do you begin taking the depre...
26  cards
Thyroid status
What is thyroid hormone and what ...,
What equipment do you need for th...,
How should the patient be positio...
27  cards
What is the format of the gynae h...,
What are key symptoms to screen f...,
What should you ask about in the ...
23  cards
Paeds Neuro
What is the structure of the paed...,
What higher cortical functions sh...,
What do you assess after observat...
5  cards

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